3DViewStation Desktop Version

Fast, universal 3D CAD viewer for use on desktops, notebooks and Windows tablets.

The 3DViewStation Desktop version is our most popular product. It is installed on your local PC and can very quickly visualize over 60 data formats from the areas of 3D CAD, 2D CAD, images and Office. In addition to pure viewing, many functionalities are available for navigation, selection, search & filter, measuring, dimensioning, cutting, comparing, advanced Digital Mockup, redline/markup, exploding, volume calculation, preparation for meetings, intellectual property protection, content generation for technical documentation and much more. You can add CAD data from various CAD systems to a model simply via drag & drop, without preparation - this is real Multi-CAD DMU (Digital Mockup). The 3DViewStation Desktop version can work on its own (as a stand-alone), or: thanks to APIs it can also integrate into any leading system.

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The 3DViewStation Desktop version at a glance

Desktop version

  • The classic for local use
  • Reads over 60 data formats
  • 180+ functions from simple visualization to advanced analysis and Digital Mockup
  • Extremely fast
  • Simple operation
  • True Multi-CAD DMU
  • For small, medium and large manufacturing companies
  • Also ideal for power users and travelers who need to work with local data
  • Extension with plugins possible

Supported processes

  • Project Reviews
  • Sales
  • Work preparation
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Change management
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing
  • Technical documentation
  • Quality assurance
  • Collaboration

Possible applications

  • Desktop PC, Notebook, Windows Tablet
  • local installation
  • also runs on virtual machines (VMs)
  • runs alone (Stand Alone)
  • running integrated
  • Fixed or floating (network) licensing
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6 reasons why you should use the Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop version as your visualization tool:

  • The Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop version also runs on business notebooks with onboard graphics cards and even without graphics card
  • The Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop version supports many data formats
  • The Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop version is extremely fast
  • The Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop version has a rich functionality, from simple viewing to meeting or shop floor preparation, technical documentation authoring and high end Digital Mockup
  • The Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop version is still easy to use
  • The Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop version can be integrated into any leading system, such as a PLM system

File formats

  • 3D import - native & neutral CAD:
    Catia, NX, Creo, Solidworks, SolidEdge, Inventor, SAT, Parasolid, JT, STEP, 3D PDF, Revit, GLTF, 3DXML, VRML..
  • 2D import - drawings, office, pictures:
    Catia CatDrawing, NX 2D, Creo DRW, Solidworks slddrw, DWG, DXF, HPGL, 2D PDF, TIFF, JPEG
  • 3D export:
    STEP, JT, 3D PDF, 3MF, Parasolid, VRML
  • 2D export:


  • Navigate
  • Selection
  • Search & Filter
  • Measure & Dimension, Cut, Compare
  • Properties
  • Rendering modes, set color, set transparency 
  • Wall thickness, draft angle, split
  • Clash, clearence, distance bands
  • Digital Mockup (DMU)
  • Move, rotate, scale
  • Auxiliary constructions
  • Redline / Markup
  • Technical documentation incl. ballooning
  • Publish
  • KnowHow protection
  • color coding
  • and many more...

Examples of load times

  • 200 MB native Catia: 1 sec
  • Car body as JT: 1 sec
  • 50.000 parts turbine
    as JT: 13 seconds,
    as 3DVS: 1 sec
  • Complete truck engine as 3DVS: 1 sec
  • Truck with 80,000 parts, fully shattered loaded, in the cloud: 10 sec
  • 20.000 parts machine
    as native SolidEdge: 35 seconds,
    as 3DVS: 1 sec
  • 125.000 parts aircraft assembly line as 3DVS: 1 sec
  • Section of an aircraft
    as Catia CGR: 1.5 minutes,
    as 3DVS: 5 sec
  • Aircraft with 700,000 parts as 3DVS: 4 sec
  • 400.000 parts plant as 3DVS: 7 sec
  • Passenger ship with 10 million parts, as 3DVS: 15 sec
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The following project examples are from our 3DViewStation Desktop version customers

Suppliers in manufacturing industry

After a thorough selection process, a manufacturer of aerospace components replaced several existing viewers with the 3DViewStation Desktop version.

An automotive supplier for glass and elevating roofs carried out a requirements analysis and, after internet research, put three viewer manufacturers on the shortlist. Two of the manufacturers carried out training sessions lasting for days with a lot of personnel. The customer finally opted for the Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop version: After only two hours of product demonstration, the key users were able to do their job with their own data.

An automotive supplier for lighting systems has carried out a requirements analysis with five viewer manufacturers in the final selection. The Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop version clearly led in all categories. An important selection criterion was not met at the beginning - but was developed by the Kisters team at short notice and delivered on time.

A machinery supplier uses 3DViewStation Desktop PMI capabilities in order to support their MDB initiative. They replaced a combined 3D-PDF and JT process by standardizing on 3DViewStation Desktop.

OEMs in automotive, aerospace, machinery and plant

A helicopter manufacturer uses the 3DViewStation Desktop version with his PLM system. Complex assemblies with up to 2-3 million parts are loaded extremely quickly and then filtered according to e.g. ECAD, standard parts or colors. Using proximity or distance search, parts are isolated within the search area or, for example, along a pipe system and transferred to a CAD system for processing using a plug-in. In addition they use the technical documentation authoring functions of 3DViewStation Desktop to create and maintain content for their work instructions.

A well-known sports car manufacturer uses the 3DViewStation Desktop to load and analyze complete vehicles with more than 100,000 parts - or just single components - via the PLM system. This also works purely file-based, i.e. completely PLM-independent.

A truck vendor uses 3DViewStation intellectual property (IP) protection capabilities in order to remove invisible parts and to alienate sensitive parts - preventing production of illegally copied parts.

A plant manufacturer uses 3DViewStation Desktop to load complete plants from within a PLM system. The typical interactive functionalities are used to analyze the layouts and 3DViewStation APIs are used to add and modify components

A train manufacturer leverages 3DViewStation Desktop technical documentation features in order to prepare data for their spare parts catalog.

A large machine manufacturer replaced Acrobat 3D and JT2Go by 3DViewStation Desktop to re-use and author 3D annotated models, replacing the former 2D based workflow.


Tool makers, mold makers, casting companies

Our model and mold makers use the 3DViewStation Desktop version to create quotes: incoming data in native or neutral CAD formats must be loaded, analyzed, physical properties such as volumes and surfaces calculated if necessary, and some dimensions determined. The complexity of the tool to be used can be determined with the aid of the draft angle analysis, and the powerful split or division function supports you in the mold design. The work is organized and saved in views. Our model and mold makers then receive the order with the attached geometry. The 3D comparison function is used to determine whether geometric changes have occurred. Afterwards the order can be accepted and the 3DViewStation Desktop version can be used in production, on PCs or even on touch displays and tablets.

Many foundries use the 3DViewStation Desktop version to inspect the data, which is available in various data formats. Our advanced analysis functions - also called Digital MockUp, DMU functions - such as the draft angle analysis are often used here to detect undercuts at an early stage.