Replace legacy viewer

by modern & future-proof Kisters 3DViewStation


  • 3DViewStation ships with frequently updated native and standard CAD importers for many file formats.
  • Avoid lagging behind current CAD systems releases!

  • 3DViewStation provides fast performance with even ultra large assemblies consisting of millions of parts.
  • Break your current complexity limitations!

  • 3DViewStation  has a modern user interface, providing MS Office like ribbons.
  • Avoid outdated UIs!

  • 3DViewStation is easy to use, no training required for most of the 180+ features & functions.
  • Get rid of weird UIs and applications!

  • 3DViewStation helps protecting your IP when collaborating with your business partners.
  • Use 3DViewStation to distort geometries instead of DRM.
  • Use Online tools like VisShare and Webviewer rather than forwarding files!

  • 3DViewStation  is based on modern technology like DirectX on PCs and HTML 5 with Browsers.
  • Avoid outdated JAVA incl. related fees!
  • Avoid JRE installation process plus JAVA 3D installation plus JAVA applet download before you can start working. Just use your Browser and start viewing instantly

  • 3DViewStation offers a native C++ product for Windows PCs.
  • Stop using locally installed JAVA based client/server application!

  • 3DViewStation can be used on Desktop PCs, Office Notebooks, Tablet-PCs, SmartPhones and in VR environments

  • 3DViewStation has a pure visualization kernel, explicitely designed for fast performance and the functionality provided.
  • Avoid using tools which leverage a way too slow and complex CAD kernel!

  • 3DViewStation offers a complete functional set from just simple viewing, up to advanced Digital Mockup (DMU).
  • Get more than just basic functionality from free viewers!

  • 3DViewStation can be used stand alone or integrated with any leading system.

  • Use 3DViewStation's XML API in order to create integrations with a just a few lines of code!

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