Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Securing your CAD data

Today many companies believe, that Digital Rights Management (DRM) is enough to protect your IP. But this is not valid for CAD geometries. After having entered a password they will be unencrypted on your hard disk and when displaying them on screen using DirectX, OpenGL or WebGL, then they might get captured easily. So we need a different way to protect your IP.

Change geometries:

  • remove invisible objects
  • automatic distortion of BREP and tesselated data. Set parameters to determine the degree of alientation. Objects might still look nice, but all dimenstions have been alienated.
  • convex hull calculation
  • very fast
  • available as interactive or batch function

Visualization leveraging 3DViewStation WebViewer:

  • secure Web-based viewing
  • avoid forwarding of geometry files to communication partners, give remote access instead
  • at no time there will be any 3D objects on the client, impossible to capture
  • we only use server side rendering
  • prevent certain parts from sectioning