Siemens PLM integrations with the 3DViewStation

Take advantage of advanced 3D CAD viewing, analysis and fast VR sessions with PLM systems from Siemens Digital Industries

The Kisters 3DViewStation is also integrated into Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace. This gives users of Siemens PLM systems the option to utilize a new generation of CAD viewer. 3DViewStation is very user-friendly, houses a wide range of functions and can process large assemblies in seconds. It also supports the current versions of all well-known CAD systems including CATIA, Creo, NX, and SolidEdge, as well as neutral systems such as JT and STEP.

Research metadata or structural information in the masks of the Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace client and visualize the result. The Kisters 3DViewStation is a high performance, easy to use solution that will inspire you! You can easily measure, dimension, cut, compare, define views, and perform advanced analysis such as: wall thickness and draft angle analysis, collision checks and much more.

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With Siemens ActiveWorkspace the 3DViewStation WebViewer version can be used fully integrated into the user interface. Use the high performance of the 3DViewStation to visualize even GB large assemblies in seconds. With ActiveWorkspace the 3DViewStation VR-Edition was also integrated, this can be controlled very ergonomically by voice. Not only can you perform virtual inspections and typical CAD analyses during a VR session, you can also use speech to annotate geometry and then save snapshots to ActiveWorkspace for further editing.

3D CAD data can be loaded directly from Siemens Teamcenter Engineering, into the 3DViewStation Desktop Version or VR-Edition within seconds, as opposed to long preparation times in other solutions. In addition, the integration allows, among other things, the automatic application of metadata as 3D annotations within the visualization session.

Advantages for users

  • Fast viewing of various native and neutral 3D CAD data and 2D drawings, images and office documents - not only NX and JT
  • High speed even with extremely large models
  • 180+ interactive functionalities up to DMU
  • Intuitive operation
  • Almost identical functional scope for desktops and web / mobile and VR.
  • Visualize data without preparation in desktop, web and mobile versions

Advantages for decision makers

  • Freedom of choice between Desktop, Web/Mobile and VR Clients
  • Simple, intuitive operation - no training necessary
  • Solutions for occasional but also power users
  • True multi-CAD solution
  • More satisfied users
  • Work more efficiently
  • Cost control: Fixed and concurrent licensing models available

The integrations in Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace were developed by our partner Piterion.