Desktop Autodesk Viewer and Autodesk Online Viewer, Inventor Viewer

The 3DViewStation is also your Inventor Viewer

Many customers are specifically looking for a pure Inventor Viewer. But to start with, Kisters offers CAD-heavy universal viewers that can process many native and neutral file formats. In total, there are over 60 data formats, 2D and 3D files, 3D CAD models and drawings, but also other 2D formats such as Office and image formats.

DWG, DXF, DWF and many more ...

From the Autodesk family are Autocad DXF DWG, DWF, DWG DWT but also Autodesk Inventor and Revit. We also support important standard and exchange formats such as STEP, STP and JT and many other native CAD formats such as Catia, Siemens NX, Creo, Solidworks, SolidEdge and more.
Kisters had decades of experience in this market as a reseller of other viewers before we started developing our own viewers. Of course, these do not require any CAD license.

Isn't Inventor View enough?

Of course, you can ask yourself why you should pay for commercial software when there is software that can be downloaded free of charge, such as the free DWG Trueview or Inventor View, with which you can at least view Inventor data directly. But it is ultimately a CAD software, namely a limited Inventor license, with which one cannot design. For many users, the free products are enough and that is completely OK.

Trimmed CAD systems as a free viewer?

But ultimately using a CAD system as a viewer also has disadvantages: Users who have no CAD experience can quickly be overwhelmed, as the operation is not necessarily intuitive. This is different with the 3DViewStation. Not only can you open and view DWG files instantly. Even inexperienced users can use this software immediately and without training and use it to access all the information they need to read from a drawing or design. No support is necessary and in case of doubt, videos on our website or our YouTube channel can help.

The Kisters 3DViewStation is your Autodesk Viewer!

The Kisters 3DViewStation is not only your Autodesk Viewer, but also your Multi CAD Viewer for viewing files that are available as 3D or 2D data. Most users install the 3DViewStation desktop version on a local desktop PC or notebook. Alternatively, the 3DViewStation WebViewer version can be installed on a server. This way you have an Autodesk online viewer available very quickly. No installation is now required on the device and you never have to take your data with you when you have to travel. In addition, your data is safe if you should make it available online for viewing by your business partners with whom you are in contact. All the end user needs is a modern browser - no downloads in advance for the appropriate JAVA Runtime plus JAVA 3D plus JAVA applet as for AutoVue, but also no browser plug-ins that have to be downloaded and installed first. We call this zero admin, zero install - the easiest and fastest way to share Autodesk files.

Customers often search for STEP Viewer Autodesk

The way to work with free viewers like the Inventor View sounds reasonable at first. But those responsible for CAD files are rightly concerned about releasing this native data. Regardless of whether a confidentiality agreement has been concluded or not. After all, the original CAD files are the true values ​​of a manufacturing company. When exchanging Autodesk files, so-called neutral file formats are often used, such as STEP or STP.

STEP, STEP Viewer, STEP conversion

STEP - Standard for Exchange of Product Data - is ISO standard, a standardized data format that allows exact (BREP) CAD data to be encoded. Today it is the most reliable way to exchange 3D CAD data between different CAD systems. Both export and import work reasonably well, but they are never perfect. Because information can be lost with every data conversion and not every CAD system provider is interested in actually enabling this exchange. Since STEP is a 3D format, the export and, if necessary, import within the Autodesk product family is particularly interesting for Inventor.
Autodesk products are not really intended as STEP viewers. Not only is the export slow, but so is the import. Therefore viewers like the 3DViewStation are much more suitable here. Due to the structure of the data format, STEP itself is one of the slowest data formats to be processed. But the 3DViewStation makes the most of it. It is not only faster, but also offers a variety of functions for measuring, dimensioning, cutting, comparing, annotating, generating views, etc.
Since STEP data becomes quite voluminous - again due to the data format itself - it should of course be compressed in case it is passed on. In many cases, downloads can also be avoided entirely by initially only making them available for viewing online and, for example, only allowing a download when a contract is concluded.

Test your Autodesk Online Viewer now for free!

This is the next logical step. Why wait now? Contact us today and let us explain the benefits of the Autodesk Viewer and Autodesk Online Viewer to you over the phone today. Or we can meet virtually via web meetings or in person at user conferences and trade fairs in Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia or at your premises. You are welcome to download a test version of the 3DViewStation Desktop for your PC. Then you can try out the Kisters 3DviewStation with your own files at your leisure. But you can also test the 3DViewStation WebViewer version with your Autodesk and other files at any time - online of course. Then this will become your Autodesk Online Viewer. You only need to register once and can then work with public examples as well as upload and view your own DWG, DXF, Inventor, Revit or any other Autodesk, other CAD files and Office data.

Many years of viewer experience

As a reseller, we started with technical viewers for TIFF, CALS, JPEG - but from the beginning in the large-format area for the manufacturing industry. Support for Autocad was added very quickly with DWG, DXF, DWF and PDF. Then the time of 3D design began. At Autodesk with Mechanical and later Inventor. Today the bandwidth has to be much larger, since Catia, Siemens NX / formerly. UGS) and Creo (formerly Pro / Engineer) must also be covered.

Not just Autodesk and Autocad

The world is just not homogeneous, but rather heterogeneous. The complexity of the assemblies is also increasing, so that we often have to deal with millions of components. No problem for the 3DViewStation. In order to keep the loading times short, we recommend a conversion into our own data format 3DVS, which can be done in advance. From now on, our fast 3DVS data will be used for design review tasks, primarily read only. This means that a cruise ship with 10 million components does not need hours to charge, but only a few seconds. And we also achieve these short charging times when we are in the USA and have to charge this ship with our smartphone via the mobile data service. This is simply world class.

Autodesk Viewer and Autodesk Online Viewer integrated

If you plan to visualize your Autodesk data integrated in leading systems, e.g. as part of more complex applications such as PLM systems, then you've come to the right place. Our API (programming interface) is usually used here, which then allows a wide variety of applications. Not only advanced analyzes and DMU (Digital Mockup) within PLM, but also as an integrated viewer online in product configurators and after sales solutions such as spare parts catalogs. Some companies use our 3DViewStation with TechDoc option as an authoring system to create maintenance and repair instructions, starting with your Inventor files.