Speed up the process chain in your company from product development to sales: 3D CAD Viewer, 2D Viewer, Desktop viewer & Web viewer by KISTERS for efficient visualization - not only for the manufacturing industry

KISTERS offers professional 3D CAD viewers and 2D viewers for easy and efficient visualization of 3D CAD models, office documents, scans, and drawings. We offer proprietary 3D viewers (Catia Viewer, NX Viewer, JT Viewer), and 2D viewers i.e. for MS Office (DOCX viewer, XLSX viewer) technical drawings (i.e. DWG viewer, DGN viewer) and image file formats (i.e. TIFF viewer, JPEG viewer).

Our web-based solution is the 3D ViewStation WebViewer. The HTML5 Web Viewer supports Catia, Creo / ProE, NX, SolidWorks, SsolidEdge, Inventor, JT, STEP, IGES and other file formats, also many 2D file formats such as DWG, DXF, PDF, MS Office (DOCX, XLSX...) and many image file formats. WebViewer is easy to integrate into any Web solution, product configuration solutions, service applications, Cloud solutions and portals and offers a large number of useful functions.

We offer the best possible solution for 3D visualization, 3D CAD viewers, viewing of documents, 2D technical drawings, solutions for batch conversion and technical documentation. Our expertise for your success: customized 3D CAD viewer solutions for intelligent reutilization of 3D CAD data in your process chain.

More than 3,000 customers and over 150,000 installations are proof enough of our expert competence in the area of 2D and 3D CAD viewers. We have been a competent partner, offering expert advice and support in concept development based on your requirements, as well as assisting implementations, and providing training and technical support for over 20 years.


Dates 2017-05-29

3DViewStation Sales Training for Partners


Dates 2017-05-29

3DViewStation Technical Training


Dates 2017-05-18

ProSTEP Symposium


Blog 2017-04-28

2D Advanced Importers available


Blog 2017-04-27

3DViewStation VR-Edition released


Press 2017-04-20

Kisters enhances 3DViewStation with advanced 3D CAD model analysis functions


Blog 2017-04-08

Video Preview: remove internal parts


Blog 2017-04-08

Preview: IP protection: remove internal parts


Press 2017-03-29

Kisters enhances 3DViewStation WebViewer with new user interface, revolutionary rendering performance and materials rendering


Press 2017-02-09

Kisters enhances 3DViewStation with revolutionary rendering performance and photo realistic rendering


Blog 2016-11-20

New user interface for WebViewer - Office like


Press 2016-10-12

Web-based access to assemblies and documents from anywhere- Kisters OnVidus


Dates 2017-05-29

3DViewStation Sales Training for Partners