3DViewStation Integration in Contact

Kisters 3DViewStation Integration for CONTACT Software: Offline and High-Performance-Viewing


All advantages of Kisters 3DViewStation in combination with CIM Database PLM

CONTACT Software offers an integrated solution from Kisters 3DViewStation and maintained 3D Connect integration into the world of CONTACT Elements and CIM Database – especially for expert users with special requirements, e.g. in the field of wall thickness analysis and for offline operation.

Kisters 3DViewStation extends the 3D Connect portfolio and additionally supports special analysis tasks for development specialists, offering functions such as comprehensive 3D model analyses, authoring functions as well as offline operation and visualization of native 3D models.

The 3DViewStation Desktop viewer is supplied with data directly from CONTACT Elements and CIM Database. Modifications or accompanying information can be fed back to the data management system via the bidirectional interface. Virtual product structures can be loaded for further analyses and the results can be transferred into document management or communication and decision-making processes. The messenger component Activity Stream can also be used to post and share snapshots directly from the viewer.

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