3DViewStation Integration for SAP

Kisters 3DViewStation Integration for SAP

Now you can enjoy all the advantages of Kisters 3DViewStation as part of SAP!

As an SAP user, you want to take advantage of all the benefits of PLM and ERP: the interlinking of construction and commercial data. Kisters 3DViewStation will help you to convert these benefits to more efficiency and safer processes.

Users don't just want to read text-based descriptions of a product - they want to be able to see a 3D rendering of the product, and that extra fast. This is where the integration of Kisters 3DViewStation comes into play.
Research meta data or structural information via ECTR, DMS or CAD-Desktop UI, and visualize the result as a native CAD assembly or in a neutral format, e.g. 3DVS, JT, 3D-PDF or STEP.

Kisters 3DViewStation will soon prove itself as the most performant and most reliable solution on the market today! It is now super easy to visualize, analyze, measure, and cut your products, or to make geometric comparisons of different versions, define views, add annotations and 3D markups, plus much, much, more.

Conversions via Kisters Automation Server into our 3DVS format will maximize performance: files become extremely small, and even the most complex assemblies are loaded in under 1 second (pure load time, without SAP transaction times).

It is important to know that Kisters 3DViewStation can handle much more than just monolithic 3D data - using our API, it can also dynamically load products. This capability is the result of the integration into ECTR and CAD-Desktop. We are talking about virtual product structures, in which SAP knows the structure and position of every single part, while Kisters 3DViewStation loads all parts simultaneously at run time. That makes it easy to work with variants and configurations, but also with different views of product structures ("as designed", "as maintained", ...). The user has the option to load sub-quantities instead of a complete structures, and replace selected parts with other versions at run time without having to load a complete, relevantly modified structure.
The APIs of the 3DViewStation allow the coloring of parts - called color-coding. A buyer will have a better idea of the inventory, and project managers will have a better overview of the release status of individual parts by the color.


The capability for very flexible reactions to clicks on individual parts creates powerful options for role-based PLM and ERP clients, e.g. a buyer can simply click the geometry to see who the most recent supplier or price was, or a service technician can jump from the part to a PDF with relevant maintenance instructions with a single mouse click.



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