3DViewStation Integration in Aras

3DViewStation: Advanced 3D CAD viewing, analysis and Digital Mockup (DMU)


You can now enjoy all the advantages of Kisters 3DViewStation as part of Aras Innovator!

Users don't just want to read text-based descriptions of a product - they want to be able to see a 3D rendering of the product, and that extra fast. This is where the integration of Kisters 3DViewStation comes into play.


Research meta data or structural information via the client mask of Aras Innovator, and visualize the result as a native CAD assembly or in a neutral format, e.g. 3DVS, JT, 3D-PDF or STEP. Kisters 3DViewStation will soon prove itself as the most performant and most reliable solution on the market today! You can now analyze, measure or section products quickly and easily, define views and much more.


A very important function is the geometric comparison of two assemblies - let's say two versions of the same product. The differences are easily identified, and you will be able to make important decisions fast. 3DViewStation is controlled via the Aras Innovator UI, and all required files pertaining to the geometries are checked out for you, and all data needed for the version comparison is loaded as well.


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Razorleaf Europe | 3DViewStation Connector


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