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Preview v2021: create intersection point from 2 disconnected lines

Kisters 3DViewStation has a couple of authoring function in order to create help constructions. There are various options to create coordinate systems, i.e. using circles, planes or lines. 3DViewStation also allows to create wires like a center line of a cylinder or a line between 2 points. The creation of points so far was limited to a circle center and a point, i.e. at a corner of a solid. We now added a method to create a point from two disconnected lines, i.e. close to the rounded corner of a solid.

Here is an examples:

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Preview v2021: 3DViewStation remembers transformation path - an authoring function

Kisters 3DViewStation frequently is used for authoring: users can add annotations or markups, show or hide parts, change colors or transparencys, move and rotate parts. The result will be stored in views, which then show a corresponding preview image.
When moving parts there is an option to create an offset line, which indicates the translation path. The offset line itself in the past was either a direct line between original and final position - independent of the movements the users actually did. Or followed the directions of an active coodinate system or was created automatically, trying to clean up a path that might consist of many distinct steps. With the new version v2021 3DViewStation now can remember the exact path of how it has been moved, maybe in several steps. This might be useful when an author tries to document a complicated scenario and al lthe other methods would fail.

An example:

2021/02/10  #Desktop   #webviewer   #3DViewStation   #2d   #snap   #points   #wires   #lines  

Preview v2021: snapping end and center points

This is a function, which has been requested by 2D customers, but it might be useful for 3D users as well: Since long 3DViewStation has a behaviour, that it starts snapping to characteristic points, when you start moving your mouse cursor close to it. I.e. when you do a point to point measurement, we might snap to an edge, which is close to your cursor. We now allow to limit the snapping to the centerpoint of the closest line or to an endpoint.


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Preview v2021: section along curved edge

We implemented another enhancement regarding sections. 3DViewStation has many ways to define the position and direction of the section plane: by axis fo the active coodinate system, by normal of a face, 3 points or 3 circle centers. What we added for v2021 is a method to select an edge of a geometry in order to define the normal of the section plane. In case that edge might be curved, moving the section plane will continously reorient the plane according to the orientation of the selected edge.

That's how it could look like:

2021/02/05  #Desktop   #webviewer   #3DViewStation   #section  

Preview v2021: fill section with color of geometry

3DViewStation has several options to display sections of geometries. Per default we calculate a wire of the section contour, displayed in a single color, yellow. You might decide to use the individual color of the sectioned part instead. When filling the sections, so far we only allowed to use one color, default is yellow again. With v2021 we also allow to use the individual color of the sectioned part in order to fill the section. The result can also be exported, to vector or image file formats.


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Preview v2021: save multiple views to 2D-PDF

3DViewStation frequently is leveraged to display views, i.e. PMI views / captures, which are contained in a CAD file. But user can also create their own views - and this can be many. For all types of views Kisters 3DViewStation shows preview images in the views pane. Since long we allow to export them as images or PDF individually. New with v2021 is the possibility to simply export all views into a single PDF in order to create an overview document.

Get an impression here:

2021/02/01  #Desktop   #webviewer   #3DViewStation   #textures   #material effects   #Performance  

Preview v2021: 3DViewStation supporting textures

So far 3DViewStation supported materials in order to have assemblies appear nicely. With upcoming v2021 our 3DViewStation product family will support textures as well. Textures allow much more realistic renderings. Still CAD data need to be prepared: so called u,v coordinates need to be applied and textures, typically external graphics files, need to be assigned. 

We will support reading of these file formats for texturing: OBJ, FBX, GLB/GLTF, DAE, U3D, 3DVS, 3MF
Saving to 3DVS file format will be supported.

Find a few impressions here:


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Kisters 3DViewStation: NX viewer and JT viewer

Learn more about fast & advanced NX and JT visualization. NX viewer and JT viewer for Desktops, Browsers, on your Mobile, for VR. No matter if used with Teamcenter Engineering, ActiveWorkspace or stand alone. More...

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Kisters 3DViewStation for product configuration solutions

Learn how you can add Kisters 3DViewStation visualization power to your product configuration / CPQ solution. find more information here: Link 

2020/11/25  #MBD   #PMI   #3d master  

Kisters 3DViewStation for MBD processes / 3D Master processes / PMIs

Kisters 3DViewStation supports you in your MBD journey. Reading and writing PMIs, integration capabilities, clients for Desktops and Web. Find more information here: Link