Preview: Automatic alignment solid to solid

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Many customer know the challenge:

A part has been designed in 3D CAD and has finally been manufactured. But how can QA ensure a certain precision?
Therefor the part produced will be 3D scanned today. After that we need to be able to compare the 3D scan against the original 3D CAD data. 
For long 3DViewStation has been used to perform the comparison. Still the real challenge has always been to position both parts correctly upon each other before starting the comparison.

This is what we solved now. And all we can say is: it's magic. All the user has to do is to select two solids and then start the execution of the function. 3DViewStation will find the best possible alignment - automatically and really fast.

Please watch the video below. The first scenarios have been recorded in real time and you can see the fast performance of this pretty complex task. In the last sequence we  recorded the alignment process in animated mode. That way you can get an impression of how the algorithm works and iterates to finally find the best possible alignment position.


Align solid to solid automatically