3DViewStation V2022.4

all product versions, new functions, new file formats

Import 3D:

  • Catia V5-6R2022 (R32)

Import 2D:

  • Creo 9.0
  • NX 2019, 2027

Functions & Features:

  • WebViewer: Server health tests added
  • WebViewer: Server blocks incoming requests on high load 
  • 3D-PDF Export: Option to replace 3D model with screenshot in templated PDF 
  • TechDoc/BOM: Option to generate ID with only attribute value 
  • API: Compare two 3D models per URL parameter with BestFit computation for auto alignment

More at https://help-viewer.kisters.de/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php