KISTERS 3DViewStation Optimizes License Management for its Customers

The New KISTERS License Manager - More Transparency, Less Effort

Sacramento, CA - April 05, 2024: KISTERS 3DViewStation, a leading software solution in the field of multi-CAD 3D viewing, proudly presents its latest developments in licensing and introduces the innovative "ViewStation License Manager" (VSLM). This innovation offers customers an even more precise customization to their individual needs and maximizes control over individual licenses and software usage within the company.

KISTERS' VS License Manager offers companies a significant advantage by providing a comprehensive overview of the usage of a floating license, which is used in various departments and application areas. This is particularly important as companies often use a variety of different licenses and license packages that have different requirements and usage patterns. The License Manager allows companies to accurately track and analyze the utilization of each license and package. Supporting Windows user groups to manage user rights for individual license packages was a highly requested feature and is provided to customers in the new License Manager.

"By analyzing usage data accurately, companies can quickly respond if a particular license is needed more frequently than expected or if a package is used less than planned. Adjustments can thus be made promptly to optimize resources and costs. This flexibility and transparency are now possible when using floating licenses," emphasizes Germar Nikol, Director of Visualization Technologies at KISTERS AG. "Existing customers will gradually be transitioned to the new VS License Manager, and new customers can already look forward to this feature when concluding their contracts."

In addition to the new License Manager, KISTERS continues to offer their well-known licensing options as usual. For desktop products, two licensing options are available: node-locked and floating licensing. Node-locked licenses are tied to a machine and could be used by different users, which is particularly beneficial for power users. Floating licenses can be used on changing machines, with the License Manager managing the maximum number of simultaneous users. When the user ends their session, the license is immediately released without delay.

For web-based products, licensing is done "per concurrent session." This counts the total number of concurrent sessions on the WebViewer servers, similar to the floating model for desktop products. This licensing model scales well as the number of servers is not restricted. Therefore, the License Manager is usually only implemented with multiple WebViewer servers. However, companies desiring comprehensive monitoring have the option to use the License Manager for a single server.

KISTERS 3DViewStation is continuously enhanced in response to customer needs and requirements. It is available as Desktop, VR-Edition and HTML5 WebViewer product versions plus the online collaboration tool VisShare. All product offerings are intended to be used together with a PLM, ERP or other management system product configuration, as well as service and spare part applications. KISTERS 3DViewStation provides all necessary APIs. For cloud, portal and web solutions, there is a HTML5-based WebViewer solution available, which does not require client installation. All file formats can be used in combination with the intelligent navigation and hyperlinking features to address the needs of complex integration scenarios.

About the company

With more than 25 years of success in the market as a provider of superior visualization solutions from desktop to mobile, KISTERS has become one of the top players in the 3D visualization industry. The company’s clients range from small firms to well-known multinationals, comprising more than 3,000 customers and over 200,000 installations worldwide. The 3DViewStation's easy-to-use interface is suitable for all user groups and 100% customizable to everyone’s specific requirements. In addition, KISTERS offers expert advice and support in concept development based on client requirements.