02/17/2021 #distance   #measurement   #groups   #solids  

Preview v2021: distance measurement of groups of solids

Kisters 3DViewStation has many measurement functions. One of it calculates the minimum distance between a solid and another object like a face, another calculates the distance between two solids. Computations using solids might be very resource and time consuming. That means, that it is a real challenge to calculate the minimum distance of  a group of thousands of solids against another group also consisting of thousands of solids. This might be the case with plants, buildings, ships or aircrafts. For the new version of 3DViewStation we introduced an extremely fast solids to solids distance calculation. We offer two options to either just calculate the distances in between all selected solids or, as second option, all selected against all unselected.

Here are some results. The example consists of about 20.000 parts. The result "steel" construction against the rest has just taken a fraction of a second to show up: