2016/02/19 #STEP   #coordinate system creation   #SolidEdge   #Solidworks   #AP 242   #fast   #memory   #XML-API   #dimensioning angles  

3DViewStation WebViewer v2016 Release

We have done a new 3DViewStation WebViewer version V2016 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version can be tested online.


  • New: ST8
  • New: SolidWorks 2016
  • New: STEP AP 242 XML


  • Enhanced: significantly faster rendering of large models: loadtime as 3DVS 50% reduced
  • Enhanced: significantly reduced memory consumption: memory consuption reduced by 60%-70%
  • Enhanced: significantly reduced 3DVS file size: by 20% -30%
  • Enhanced: Client & server negotiate image / video parameters
  • New: preview when creating coordinate systems
  • New: preview when creating angle dimensions
  • New: multi-thread rendering
  • New: XML-API, for all 3DViewStation product flavours: Desktop + ActiveX + WebViewer
  • New: possibility to share floating licenses between Desktop & WebViewer