Preview v2021: PMI selection by feature

Today we find more and more MBD (model based definition) initiatives, replacing traditional 2D drawings with 3D annotated models through all workflows.

How can 3DViewStation help?

First of all 3DViewStation supports PMI (product manufacturing information) reading from many sources, like Catia, NX, Creo, JT, STEP. There are also technical data packages out (TDP), which might be a ZIP consisting of many files. Some of them might be 2D-PDFs whith a JT attached to them. 3DViewStation allows to open both at the same time, the 2D-PDF plus the attached JT.
It also allows to creat own 3D annotations or markups on top of it and save them again i.e. into 3DVS, JT, STEP (AP242), 3D-PDF or 2D-PDF or as images.

Here, one important capability is our search function, which also works for PMIs. Another is the different ways to select objects: we allow you to select a PMI and then highlight the associated feature. What's new in 3DViewStation v2021 is the reverse: we show all PMIs that belong to the selected feature. We call this the reverse selection. Also new is the ability to then isolate the feature plus associated PMIs.

Find here a few impressions related to PMI by feature selection: