DWG / DXF: 2D and 3D reading

DWG and DXF data are mainly 2D data, means drawings, but they can also contain 3D objects.
Until now, 3DViewStation has always displayed the 2D content only. From now on both 2D and 3D content can be displayed.

If you load with "2D preferred" the file will be treated as a document by 3DViewStation:

  • in case of a real drawing it will be displayed as usual in 2D
  • in case of a pure 3D model it will be mapped to 2D. This was our previous behavior without 3D-DWG / 3D-DXF support.

If you load with "3D preferred" a 3D scene will be created:

  • a 3D model is loaded in 3D mode and rendered as expected
  • a 2D drawing is placed in 3D space. You can now load 3D geometries and place them on the 2D plan.