15/06/2012 | Tag : 3DViewStation V11.2 Convert conversion thickness wallthickness Views Ansichten Nachbarschaftssuche neighborhood search 3D-Viewer

3DViewStation V11.2 releast

Today we releast V11.2 of our 3DViewStation. Main enhancements are views-management, direct and fast conversion of any importable fileformat into any exportable fileformat including STEP, Parasolid, 3D-PDF, a simple thickness analysis and a neighborhood search, which helps to find close objects in a complex assembly.

08/06/2012 | Tag : 3DViewStation Desktop UI Oberfläche layout configuration Konfiguration anpassen customization 3D-Viewer

3DViewStation Layout configuration

A little video demos how to create your own 3DViewStation application layout. 3DViewStation uses Office 2010 style ribbons plus offers a possibility to move and attach each application window as you like. Even tabs of a window can be grabbed and moved. Please try yourself!

16/04/2012 | Tag : V11.1 3DViewStation Desktop Importer Updates 3D-Viewer

3DViewStation V11.1 releast

We releast the minor release V11.1 of our 3DViewStation. There are a few importer updates provided for Catia V5 R21, NX 8, SolidWorks 2012, SolidEdge ST4, IFC 2×4 plus additional support for DirectX as new alternative to OpenGL and OpenGL2 as graphics engine.

05/03/2012 | Tag : integration 3DViewStation V11 ActiveX component measurement section 3D-Viewer

3DViewStation ActiveX Integration: Measurement & section

Have a look at our demo of how to use the new measurement and section functions of our 3DViewStation ActiveX component inside our demo-integration application. The sample runs on a virtual product which references native 3D-CAD parts. Like in real life PLM-systems with embedded native viewer.
If you are not familiar with our CAD-viewing component, please have a look at the introduction movies which cover performant native 3D-CAD viewing, traditional vs virtual product structures, transformation of assemblies, graphical navigation for the visual enterprise.

13/02/2012 | Tag : V11 Release overview überblick 3D-Viewer

3DViewStation V11 overview

For all, who prefer to get an overview before they download and install a new software: follow this link to a brief overview over the first V11 release (english language).

06/02/2012 | Tag : 3DViewStation V11 Desktop 64-bit 3D-Viewer

Kisters 3DViewStation V11 Release

We are proud to announce the first 3DViewStation V11 release, built on a new graphics kernel. Kisters 3DViewStation V11 is available as very performant 64-bit and 32-bit application. It ships with the most recent and reliable importers, enjoys user with it’s new and modern Office 2010 like UI.
First users, who had a look on the new product were excited about the easy usage of the app. Still, the core focus of the new release was to provide a 64-bit system with maximum performance. The result is, that the 3DViewStation is preconfigured for top speed in native reading mode. For whom this might not be enough, we allow you to store the CAD-data in our own fileformat  which will be your turbo-booster for the next load: assemblies beeing i.e. 5GB Catia V5 native will then load in 10 seconds on a notebook.
Courious to try? Downloads are available here.

18/01/2012 | Tag : markup 3d-pdf 3dviewstation v10 3d-pdf-export annotations bemaßung dimension annotation 3D-Viewer

Markup with 3DViewStation V10 + AdobeReader

A questions rised, how to interoperate with 3DViewStation V10 and Adobe Reader. The following video provides a small demo.
First of all we do open a native CAD or even 3D-PDF-assembly in 3DViewStation. Then we apply a few dimensions, annotations and balloons and save the result as 3D-PDF. We then add another markup using Adobe Reader.

05/01/2012 | Tag : 3D ViewStation V11 ActiveX integration hyperlinks linked information visual enterprise visual navigation 3D-Viewer

visual navigation

According to your role in your enterprise we give you exactly that information „at-your-fingertips“, which you required. Don’t loose time any more by copying & pasting a string into a new search mask. We ensure access to always current  and accurate information by prodving hyperlinks – so it’s just one click away.
The movies show a few sample scenarios: metadata, linked 2D-document, linked 3D-model, linked information via SAP access. English video here.

15/12/2011 | Tag : 3D ViewStation V10 surfaces extract export split 3D-Viewer

3D ViewStation V10: how to extract surfaces?

We just have been asked, how to extract the surfaces of a part and export them. Startingpoint is the assembly and we will use the split function to do most of the job. Have a look at the video.