Video: 3DViewStation V2022.0 News

a quick video showing mainly light related news of 3DViewStation V2022.0.


3DViewStation v2022.0 light glare night effects


3DViewStation v2022.0 Release

We have released 3DViewStation version v2022.0 with a series of enhancements, described below. Please also review our recent BLOG preview entries for details. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 3D:

  • Parasolid 34.0

Import 2D:

  • Solid Edge 2022
  • Solidworks 2022 (SP0)
  • NX 1992, 1996, 2000

Functions & Features:

  • CATIA: PMI reference to solids
  • Light sources on node level: allow e.g. inner parts of a car to render nicely in a night scene
  • Night scene settings
  • API only: New Glare effects. Light sources will appear more realistic in the night
  • Setting to load prototype views
  • Setup creates backup of presets.xml
  • enhanced and accelerated file format recognition


More at https://viewer.kisters.de/help/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php


No issue for 3DViewStation: Critical vulnerability in log4j published (CVE-2021-44228)

There is a warning from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) entitled "Critical vulnerability in log4j published (CVE-2021-44228)". The logging library log4j is used in many Java applications. 

The good news is:
The Kisters 3DViewStation product family is not affected as it does not use any JAVA at all. This applies to all member, which are

  • 3DViewStation Desktop version
  • 3DViewStation WebViewer version
  • 3DViewStation VR-Edition
  • VisShare
  • Batchtool KAS

As a customer or systems integrator you might use our products together with other software, like web servers, which might use JAVA. You will have to check.
We do not ship our products together with such web servers, except for VisShare. Here Nginx is used - which is free of JAVA as our own products are.



Online again

We are happy to have our Web server online again.
Still you will face a few broken links for the next couple of days. We are working hard in restoring everything.

Thanks to all Kisters colleagues involved and also our service provider Christoph Hofmann.



Cyber attack on the KISTERS Group

Aachen, 30 November 2021: In the night of 11 November 2021, the IT company KISTERS was the victim of a cyber attack. The criminal attackers secured access to the company's data through an orchestrated ransomware attack, encrypted it and threatened to publish the captured data. The corresponding ultimatum has expired.... more

Read more at http://www.kisters.de




Preview: Automatic alignment solid to solid

Coming soon:

Many customer know the challenge:

A part has been designed in 3D CAD and has finally been manufactured. But how can QA ensure a certain precision?
Therefor the part produced will be 3D scanned today. After that we need to be able to compare the 3D scan against the original 3D CAD data. 
For long 3DViewStation has been used to perform the comparison. Still the real challenge has always been to position both parts correctly upon each other before starting the comparison.

This is what we solved now. And all we can say is: it's magic. All the user has to do is to select two solids and then start the execution of the function. 3DViewStation will find the best possible alignment - automatically and really fast.

Please watch the video below. The first scenarios have been recorded in real time and you can see the fast performance of this pretty complex task. In the last sequence we  recorded the alignment process in animated mode. That way you can get an impression of how the algorithm works and iterates to finally find the best possible alignment position.


Align solid to solid automatically


Preview: Shortest connecting line

Coming soon: 

we'll introduce a new function which allows to quickly find the shortest connecting line between two points. We'll call that smart selection.
Internally we'll use a graph, which knows all neighbors of an object in any direction. Traversing this graph we find the shortest connection between two points.

Application scenarios:

  • For certain cases this will be a replacement for accumulated length maesurement 
  • There is a way of working now in order to e.g. measure the lenght of a weld
  • The same methodology might be used to find connected pipes or to identify disconnected pipes

02/09/2021  #2d   #drawings   #2D Zeichnung   #tiff  

3DViewStation 2021.1.424: TIFF rendering ultra fast now

With the latest 3DViewStation relrease we replaced our previous TIFF rendere by a complete new developed one. Now Zomm and pan has become ultra fast, even for 10x A0 / 10x E-size drawings.
As another small enhancement we do not only allow calibration of a 2D drawing, but also to use a scale, like noted in the titleblock of the drawing.
The improvement is available for both, Desktop as well as WebViewer version of 3DViewStation.

All release information can be found in our helpcenter.

27/08/2021  #Release  

3DViewStation v2021.1 Release

We have released 3DViewStation version v2021.1 with a series of enhancements, described below. Please also review our recent BLOG preview entries for details. The new 3DViewStation versions are available for download .

Import 3D:

  • Catia V5-6 R2021
  • Creo 8
  • FBX: all versions, faster
  • Inventor 2022
  • JT 10.5
  • NX 1953, 1980
  • Parasolid 33, 33.1
  • Rhino3D 7

Export 3D:

  • GLTF 2.0
  • FBX: binary 7.5

Import 2D:

  • Catia V5-6R2021 (R31)
  • Creo 8
  • NX 1953, 1957, 1961, 1965, 1969, 1973

Functions & Features:

  • Selection mode: Face
  • Measurement:
    • Cumulated area 
    • Distance point to face
  • Transform: Boundary conditions: X, Y and Z axis added
  • 3D-Markups: 
    • Multiple references to curves and faces
    • Variables and attributes can be used
    • References for dimensionings of surfaces and edges
  • Offset lines are now removable
  • Change the color of faces: Add vertex colors
  • Optional prompt to save when closing a scene

WebViewer, VisShare:

  • Ad hoc session sharing with multiple users


  • Different controller models can be displayed
  • VR menu settings will be saved


  • VSXML: XSD for validation
  • XML-API:
    • New method for writing custom log messages
    • Reference to part NodeIds and CustomIds added in VSXML
    • Camera Zoom/Pan limits
    • OpenFile extended: Load from URL

More at https://viewer.kisters.de/help/productfamily/en/3dvs_versioninfo_intro.php

24/06/2021  #webviewer   #explainer   #share   #online   #realtime  

Realtime Online Collaboration using WebViewer: session sharing

We do now allow sharing a 3DViewStation WebViewer session with one or several other users. This is possible from within WebViewer running independently or integrated in any leading system like Kisters VisShare. The session manager can invite other persons to the session, who will be spectators in the beginning. Mouse control can be handed over to any participant, allowing to leverage the full set of 3DViewStation WebViewer functionality. Works on PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones.
The following video explains the problems to be solved and our solution.


Sharing a WebViewer session with several users