Preview v2021: automatically add user defined attributes to markups

Depending on import settings, Kisters 3DViewStation also reads attributes from  native CAD files. These attributes were added by the designer, using the CAD system. Using our APIs you can also add custom attributes, which might be read from any leading system, like a PLM or ERP, or from any file. For certain  projects we also developed plugins for 3DViewStation, which allow to add, change or remove attributes. Reading and merging attributes from several files can be helpful in cases, where attributes might come from several systems and a direct integration with each of the system might result in too high efforts.
Similar to CAD, customers want to be able to see the persons name, who created a markup and i.e. the date. That's why we now allow to automatically add attributes to markups. Customers can create presets containing definitions about the attributes. Variables we provide are name, date and time.

Find here some impressions: