VisShare - MultiCAD online collaboration

VisShare - 3D collaboration has never been easier!

Introducing the newest addition to the 3DViewStation product family: VisShare. VisShare is a corporate web environment for MultiCAD collaboration - ideal for your colleagues, teams and various office locations. All you need is a browser. Engage your partners, suppliers, and customers with a single, one-stop web portal that allows you to securely and conveniently share, powerfully visualize, analyze, and manage your data. VisShare is easy to use, easy to install - easy for everyone.

VisShare is the secure and highly customizable corporate collaboration environment for your business. The days of unsafely exchanging complicated CAD data via email, FTP or cloud are over! With these unsafe and arduous methods, you lose a significant amount of control over your data, in addition to the long upload and download times. As a platform with a common database and an intuitive user interface, VisShare enables company-wide access to your CAD data along with a sleek and uniform view.

Data can be easily and securely:

  • Shared
  • Managed
  • Controlled
  • Visualized
  • Analyzed

This makes it the ideal solution for efficient collaboration and enables transparent processes and workflows across departments and departmental boundaries. User and group administration (teams) regulate access control and rights. At the same time, VisShare can also be used as a front-end for partners, suppliers and customers without extensive configuration or installation effort. Just install VisShare on a server - and you're done. No client installation is necessary ("zero-install, zero-admin"). Immediately VisShare is available to all, including mobile users. Use your mobile phone, iPad or laptop to access your data and work on the go. Server-side rendering allows you to visualize and analyze mobile assemblies, even ones with hundreds of thousands of components, in seconds. For security purposes, 3D data is never transmitted to the terminal. The data stays safe from abuse on your server.

Create as many users as you like, there is no limit. Everyone gets their own personal space where they can manage their own data and share it with others. A user is also able to create new groups, invite other users and unlock personal data for groups. In addition, data can also be "published" so that they are visible to any VisShare user, which comes in handy for presentation/showcases. Share individual files with external sources: simply create a link for the file, send it via VisShare to the recipient, set a time validity, a start time and end point or the frequency of viewing. Due the the fact that links can also be withdrawn or deleted, you retain full control over your data. Finally, with VisShare, a temporary collaboration with outside members is possible: just send a member invitation. This allows anyone, after authentication, to join the appropriate group.

To work with your CAD data, CAD drawings and non-CAD data, such as office documents or images, you can also use our universal 3DViewStation WebViewer. A separate viewing tab allows you to work across monitor boundaries. Quickly navigate through assemblies, select parts, show or hide them, measure, cut or explode an assembly, color geometries by state, apply markup or text annotation to 3D CAD models, drawings or documents and much, much more. An overview of the functionalities of the 3DViewStation WebViewer can be found here. VisShare offers you transparency and security, allowing you to collaborate easily and comfortably with your customers and partners, saving you time and money. Try VisShare online - just sign up here and relive the world of 3D collaboration.



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