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Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop V2014.1 News Video


We added a video to our YouTube channel, showing some of the 3DViewStation V2014.1 news: watch english video here

Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop V2014.1 release


We have done a new 3DViewStation version V2014.1 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now. Impressions see here.


  • import of Catia 2D drawings (as is)
  • import of Inventor BREP
  • import and export of 3DVSXML
  • export of 3D-PDF using templates
  • export section curves as SVG


  • 30 days trial mode for evaluation (without license file)
  • undo various operations
  • print, 3D + 2D, incl. large format
  • exact compare of assemblies (besides quick compare)
  • highlight PMI associated feature
  • explode parts into faces
  • more methods to create coordinate systems, points
  • move point to point
  • use 3DViewStation as standard PDF viewer, launch 2D-PDF app on demand
  • default reading mode: "prefer geometry" instead of "prefer tesselation"
  • last release supporting Windows XP


Kisters 3DViewStation loads Boeing 777 aircraft with 350.000.000 polygons


Is Kisters 3DViewStation able to handle really complex CAD geometry models? Yes, it is! The Boeing 777 commercial aircraft consists of 350 millions polygons and  more than1 millons objects – a bit more than we ever tried before.