3DViewStation in Siemens

3DViewStation: Advanced 3D CAD viewing, analysis and quick VR-Sessions

All advantages of Kisters 3DViewStation as part of Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace!

KISTERS 3DViewStation is integrated into Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace. This will give Siemens PLM users the option to work with a new generation CAD viewer, providing blisteringly fast review of large 3D CAD data; supporting the latest releases of all major CAD systems incl. CATIA V5, Creo, NX, and SOLIDWORKS.

Research meta data or structural information via the client mask of Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace, and visualize the result quickly in 3DviewStation. Users don't just want to read text-based descriptions of a product - they want to be able to see a 3D rendering of the product, and that extra fast. This is where the integration of Kisters 3DViewStation comes into play.

One option is to run 3DViewStation integrated inside the UI of ActiveWorkspace, leveraging its high performance 3D-viewing capabilities, allowing users to view multi-GB-assemblies in seconds. The second optionis to open 3D CAD data just in seconds out of Siemens Teamcenter into the 3DViewStation VR-Edition. Using other solutions this might result in very long preparation times. Our integration offers advanced capabilities like automatically adding meta data as text annotations for the time of the VR session.

The Siemens Teamcenter and ActiveWorkspace integration has been developed by our partner Piterion: http://www.piterion.com




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