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NX & JT Visualization

Modern, Advanced, User friendly
Get your job done, more efficient

Are you looking for a NX viewer or JT viewer, which is modern and easy to use? Then Kisters 3DViewStation will excite you as  your CAD viewer. Not only for experts, but also for occasional users. But 3DViewStation is much, more than just a JT viewer or NX viewer:

  • A 3D CAD viewer offering 180+ features & functions for more than just viewing. As you also can perform measurements, sections and comparisons, volume calculation, change of color and transparency.
  • A NX and JT viewer that also offers more advanced Digital Mockup (DMU) functions. Like clash, split, draft angle, wall thickness, band analysis.
  • Use 3DViewerStation for than just a CAD viewer i.e. as authoring tool. Create views in order to prepare a review meeting. Or create exploded views incl. balloons for technical documentation, after sales or spare part applications.
  • JT and NX viewer which supports PMIs, and which allows to export own markups as PMIs in JT and STEP
  • Create your own Mockups by loading and importing CAD data from various sources - not only NX or JT - into the same scene. This is a true Multi 3D CAD viewer!

3DViewStation is a fast JT viewer or NX viewer:

  • Load a 20.000 parts machine assembly in a few seconds, as native NX. As 3DViewStation is an extremly fast NX and JT Viewer
  • Load a car body in white in 1 second, as JT. Or a complex aircraft turbine in a few seconds as JT or 1 second as 3DVS file. Because 3DViewStation is a very fast JT visualization tool.
  • Load a dynamically configured truck, consisting of 80.000 parts. Or a complete plant consisting of several million parts: in just a few seconds. Which is world class 3D CAD visualization!

Use 3DViewStation anywhere: