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Preview: Kisters WebViewer version 2015


We are making progress on the release of our WebViewer 2015 version.
This is a completely rewritten Browser / Cloud viewer providing these highlights:

  • runs as fast as the Desktop version
  • can work on native CAD files or 3DVS file format – for top performance
  • provides same APIs as Desktop product
  • 3D data secured: pure server side rendering

So we are breaking barriers: even mobile users now can get access to all CAD data, even with low bandwidth and large assemblies, allowing to perform same analyses as on Desktop.


Preview: raster & image formats added


to 3DViewStation we will add support for several raster & image file formats soon. Formats will include TIFF, JPG, JPEG2000, PNG, BMP, GIF, PBM, PGM, PNM, PPM, PhotoShop (Preview).

Preview: improved transparency of complex parts


we will improve the appearence of transparent complex parts soon.

Kisters 3DViewStation v2014.2 preview


isters 3DViewStation v2014.2 is to be released soon. There will be many new capabilities included like 2D-PDF read, markup to PMI translation, activation of PMI sections, new 3D-PDF template incl views carousel, updated importers and more. More details will follow with the release announcement – stay tuned.

Know How: 3DViewStation on Windows 10?


We already tried it for you: Kisters 3DViewStation runs on Windows 10!

Kisters 3DViewStation V2014.0 preview


Kisters 3DViewStation V2014.0 release is expected in the next weeks. Enhancements include NX 9 support, layer support, export of modified assemblies into several fileformats and the customization of the ribbons of the UI.

PMI-Views in 3DViewStation V12


Find below a few impressions, how we are going to support PMI-views in the upcoming build of 3DViewStation: whenever 3DViewStation will find predefined PMI-views it will automatically create 3DViewStation views incl. preview images and you will be able to work with these views like with views you created manually. PMI-views will be supported for many fileformats like JT, Catia, NX and more.
Please ensure that the PMI-option has been selected in the import settings.

3DViewStation V12: 3D-CAD-Viewer Bi-Turbo


We are announcing our next release, Kisters 3DViewStation V12, which is expected in the next weeks. 3DViewStation V11 has been fast already, but 3DViewStation V12 got a bi-turbo and shows a significant performance increase again, for native CAD viewing as well as for working on our internal 3DVS-fileformat:  a 5 GB(!) Catia V5 assembly will now load in  only 1 second on a notebook, and also a 20.000 parts SolidEdge assembly will load in only 1 second.
You will read about other improvements regarding V12 soon.

3DViewStation V11.3 PreView


We are close to the  3DViewStation 11.3 release, providing many new capabilities. Today we would like to present a screenshot  showing a few of them: CAD-attribute reading, BOM, filtering of objects, annotations, markups, dimensions, 3D-mouse support…