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Kisters 3DViewStation loads Boeing 777 aircraft with 350.000.000 polygons


Is Kisters 3DViewStation able to handle really complex CAD geometry models? Yes, it is! The Boeing 777 commercial aircraft consists of 350 millions polygons and  more than1 millons objects – a bit more than we ever tried before.

DMU: load 100.000 parts aircraft in 10 sec


Complex products like aircrafts consist of 100.000+ parts. and are offered with many options. Too manage all configurations and geometries there are PLM systems required, which allow to filter from a so called 150% model down to the final end-customer configuration. In such environments we will not find any traditional assembly files any more, as all product structure and positioning information are now metadata of the PLM-system.
As we recently run into such a customer project, we showed, that our Kisters 3DViewStation is able to load such huge dynamically filtered, fully detailed 100.000 part aircrafts in just 10 seconds on a notebook computer with a little NVidia graphics adapter and just 8 GB RAM. Focus was to do graphical selections, which are handed over to the CAD-system for starting an editing session. But we also did sections through the entire device, did measurements and exploded views. It all performed well.