Archive Juni 2013

3DViewStation v12.01


We have done a new 3DViewStation v12.01 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now.


  • Compare (part and assembly)
  • Activate coordinate systems
  • Measurement: distance between axis and edge
  • Measurement: show units, change units
  • Measurement: length in JTs by generating wires
  • Measurement: copy results into clipboard

Cutting Plane:

  • Enable selection with cutting plane on
  • Align Cutting plane to axes and coord. systems  
  • Cutting plane is saved into the views


  • PMI views: treat PMI views like std. 3DVS views


  • Multiple non tabbed windows alignment
  • Scaled background color
  • 9 languages support

Part properties:

  • Unit selection
  • Density
  • Volume
  • MassGravity center

Digital Rights Management (DRM) + 3DViewStation + Image AX


A demo covering the subject Digital Rights Management (DRM, ERM). We show an integration of our Kisters 3DViewStation and Open Text (Spicer)  Content Viewer Toolkit (Image AX) with the DRM-tools of AirZip: securing of files (3D CAD, 2D CAD, office, PDF…), categories of permissions, options, watermarks, protection against screendumps… find more at and

Whitepaper: Visualization in the manufacturing industry


We published a whitepaper covering the topic “visualization in the manufacturing industry”. Here is the Link to the english version.

PMI-Views in 3DViewStation V12


Find below a few impressions, how we are going to support PMI-views in the upcoming build of 3DViewStation: whenever 3DViewStation will find predefined PMI-views it will automatically create 3DViewStation views incl. preview images and you will be able to work with these views like with views you created manually. PMI-views will be supported for many fileformats like JT, Catia, NX and more.
Please ensure that the PMI-option has been selected in the import settings.