03/07/2019 | Tag : integration plm-integration Aras

New Aras Innovator integration with 3DViewStation WebViewer

Get a quick impression of the new integration of 3DViewStation WebViewer with Aras Innovator. The development has been done by Razorleaf Europe. More details to Aras integrations see here

10/23/2014 | Tag : Aras DMU Digital Mockup ACE Rapdifire Advanced viewing Europe

Aras Digital Mockup = Kisters 3DViewStation

Aras ACE Europe 2014 just ended. Aras VP John Sperling reported about Kisters 3DViewStation beeing Aras Digital Mockup (DMU) solution. Also, we did the Rapidfire demo again, similar to Chicago earlier this year.

09/18/2014 | Tag : integration Aras Innovator PLM DMU Digital Mockup plm-integration

Aras integration: new video

We have done a new video, showing our Aras integration into Innovator 10, using Firefox browser.

08/05/2014 | Tag : Aras 5 minutes live demo ACE 2014 Chicago rapid fire

Live – 5 Minutes RapidFire Demo 3DViewStation

A recording of the 5 minutes rapidfire live demo of the Kisters 3DViewStation. Recorded during Aras ACE 2014 event in Chicago. Kisters 3DViewStation is Aras Digital Mockup solution.

11/04/2013 | Tag : integration compare Aras Innovator PLM virtual products multiCAD DMU color coding

Integration 3DViewStation in Aras Innovator

We started the integration of the Kisters 3DViewStation into Aras Innovator. It is intended to have it certified and it will then be the DMU-solution for Aras innovator. We did a series of short videos showing several scenarios:

  • native CAD viewing vs. 3DVS-fileformat viewing
  • creating true multiCAD DMUs – mixing assemblies coming from various sources without upfront translation
  • comparing revisions of assemblies
  • using color coding to graphically show the release status of all parts of an assembly
  • virtual product handling: support of assemblies where the BOM and position information is defined in Aras Innovator only – no CAD assembly file exists.

Here is the link to the complete playlist for Aras integrations.