3DViewStation Desktop v2014.2

The Kisters 3DViewStation is an extremly high performance 3D viewer, 3D CAD analysis & Digital Mockup (DMU) tool with modern Office compliant UI. For integrations you can use our Desktop version as well as ActiveX version, which load native and neutral CAD-data extremly fast, which support virtual product structures and provide graphical navigation capabilities for the visual enterprise. There is also a HTML5 WebViewer version available.

New in v2014.2:

  • Fileformats:
  • import of Catia V5-6 2014 (R24)
  • import of Creo 3
  • import of Inventor 2015
  • import of SolidEdge ST7
  • import of 2D-PDF
  • import: load structure only + load selected parts/assemblies later
  • export of 3D-PDF: new template with views carousel
  • export of 3D-PDF: PMI to feature associativity
  • export of 3D-PDF: associative part list
  • export markups as PMIs to i.e. 3D-PDF, JT
  • export optimization for tesselation, BREP, custom created & modified assembly structures
  • vector export to SVG
  • Features:
  • fire up standard application for unknown file formats
  • license activation for seat licensing
  • PMI section views: activate section function for such views
  • re-tesselate geometry without re-loading it (BREP mode)
  • analyze: clash detection (as is)
  • analyze: multiple sections in same direction
  • modeltree: create new node, delete node, move node
  • allow to save 3DViewStation application settings as profiles

With the current set of functions and features the 3DViewStation is the perfect tool for usage in sales, marketing, review processes, change management, work preparation and technical documentation on Windows desktop and tablet-PCs.