09/02/2021 | Tag : Desktop webviewer 3DViewStation section

Preview v2021: section along curved edge

We implemented another enhancement regarding sections. 3DViewStation has many ways to define the position and direction of the section plane: by axis fo the active coodinate system, by normal of a face, 3 points or 3 circle centers. What we added for v2021 is a method to select an edge of a geometry in order to define the normal of the section plane. In case that edge might be curved, moving the section plane will continously reorient the plane according to the orientation of the selected edge.

That's how it could look like:

05/02/2021 | Tag : Desktop webviewer 3DViewStation section

Preview v2021: fill section with color of geometry

3DViewStation has several options to display sections of geometries. Per default we calculate a wire of the section contour, displayed in a single color, yellow. You might decide to use the individual color of the sectioned part instead. When filling the sections, so far we only allowed to use one color, default is yellow again. With v2021 we also allow to use the individual color of the sectioned part in order to fill the section. The result can also be exported, to vector or image file formats.


04/05/2017 | Tag : Virtual Reality visual navigation VR schnitt section

3DViewStation VR-Edition Release Video

A demo of our 3DViewStation VR-Edition release:

3DViewStation VR-Edition Release

26/07/2013 | Tag : section 3d viewer vergleich analyze schnitt 12.02

3DViewStation v12.02

We have done a new 3DViewStation version v12.02 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now. Fileformats:

  • New importer: CatiaV5R23, Inventor 2014


  • Section during compare (part and assembly)
  • Measurement during section
  • Create geometry from section: surface and wires
  • Calculate section surface and section wire length
  • Measurement: point snap with tolerance
  • Measurement: select circle via 3 points
  • Measurement: distance between point and edge
  • Measurement: distance between point and solid
  • Measurement: distance between edge and face
  • Measurement: distance between edge and solid
  • Measurement: distance between 2 faces
  • Measurement: distance between face and solid


  • PMI views: support for PMI billboards
  • PMI views: filter by PMI-types


  • New license manager for Red Hat Linux 64bit
3DViewStationV12.02 use compare section analysis in 1 step more analysis functions

24/06/2013 | Tag : section 3d cad viewer 12.01 build 4604 vergleich analyze schnitt

3DViewStation v12.01

We have done a new 3DViewStation v12.01 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now.


  • Compare (part and assembly)
  • Activate coordinate systems
  • Measurement: distance between axis and edge
  • Measurement: show units, change units
  • Measurement: length in JTs by generating wires
  • Measurement: copy results into clipboard

Cutting Plane:

  • Enable selection with cutting plane on
  • Align Cutting plane to axes and coord. systems  
  • Cutting plane is saved into the views


  • PMI views: treat PMI views like std. 3DVS views


  • Multiple non tabbed windows alignment
  • Scaled background color
  • 9 languages support

Part properties:

  • Unit selection
  • Density
  • Volume
  • MassGravity center
3DViewStation V12.01 PMI views 3D compare physical properties EN

16/05/2013 | Tag : section Release Importer Performance filter V12 exporter

3DViewStation V12.0 release

We are pround to announce our 3DViewStation V12.0 release. These are the most important changes:

  • significant performance increase in 3DVS-loadtimes:
    5 GB Catia as 3DVS in 1s, 20.000 parts SolidEdge as 3DVS in 1s.
  • significant performance increase in native CAD and standard fileformat reading mode
  • new importers: NX 8.5, Rhino
  • new exporter: JT, VRML
  • section: define section plane by clicking on a face of an object
  • improvements on filtering-function:
    added filtering by object-type, i.e by plane or wire
    filtering by color: allow to select multiple colors
  • display boundingboxes of all objects in one step
  • annotations and markups are now associated with geometries
  • delete annotations via backspace key
  • improved handles to move and rotate objects

With the current set of functions and features the 3DViewStation is the perfect tool for usage in sales, marketing, review processes, change management, work preparation and technical documentation.

3DViewStation V12.0 Neuerungen DE

05/03/2012 | Tag : integration 3DViewStation V11 ActiveX component measurement section 3D-Viewer

3DViewStation ActiveX Integration: Measurement & section

Have a look at our demo of how to use the new measurement and section functions of our 3DViewStation ActiveX component inside our demo-integration application. The sample runs on a virtual product which references native 3D-CAD parts. Like in real life PLM-systems with embedded native viewer.
If you are not familiar with our CAD-viewing component, please have a look at the introduction movies which cover performant native 3D-CAD viewing, traditional vs virtual product structures, transformation of assemblies, graphical navigation for the visual enterprise.

3DViewStationV11 ActiveX Measurement Section