15/02/2021 | Tag : draft angle undercut advanced analysis

Preview v2021: draft angle analysis shows undercuts

Mold and die customers are typical users of our draft angle analysis function. It is very fast and allows to investigate a part in order to identify production issues and estimate the complexity of the required tool. This finally has impact on the production price. 3DViewStation now helps identifying undercuts. This is an option which has been designed for performance. As a user you can now highlight the critical areas, which helps you focussing on the important areas.

Examples of draft angle analysis, with and without undercut option turned on:

26/08/2019 | Tag : split Wall thickness analysis advanced analysis Advanced viewing Entformungsschräge draft angle

Video: a typical workflow in casting industry

This video shows a typical workflow in casting industry: Loading the native files, isolating parts of interesst, analysing them using measurement, draft angle, wall thickness & split functions, saving the work in views, revision compare. This is all available in our 3DViewStation Desktop version as well as 3DViewStation WebViewer.

19/11/2013 | Tag : explode draft angle Entformungsschräge gitter grid explodieren projezierte Fläche projected area

3DViewStation V12.03 Videos

We added a video to our YouTube channel, showing some of the 3DViewStation V12.03 news: watch english video here

3DViewStationV12.03 Entformungsschrägenanalyse und automatische Explosion DE

18/11/2013 | Tag : 3d viewer draft angle Entformungsschräge v12.03 gitter grid focus auto explode create coordinate system mirror spiegeln coordinate system creation explodieren

3DViewStation V12.03

We have done a new 3DViewStation version v12.03 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now.


  • New importer: SolidWorks 2014, SolidEdge ST6, Parasolid v26, STEP AP 242
  • PMI support for JT export


  • draft angle analysis
  • explode assembly automatically
  • mirror object
  • create coordinate system
  • measure angle of face to direction (x/y/z)
  • calculate projected area
  • transformation: enter values, i.e. to move a part, to move the section pane, to rotate an object…
  • focus on selected part (zoom on it)
  • selection via rectangle
  • show grid