08/12/2014 | Tag : export 3d-pdf PMI MBD 2D-PDF MBE Template model tree structure load Struktur laden Strukturbaum

Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop V2014.2 News Video

We added a video to our YouTube channel, showing some of the 3DViewStation V2014.2 news: watch english video here

3DViewStation Desktop v2014.2 - Neuerungen - DE

13/11/2014 | Tag : Preview PMI MBD v2014.2 pdf-template 2D-PDF

Kisters 3DViewStation v2014.2 preview

isters 3DViewStation v2014.2 is to be released soon. There will be many new capabilities included like 2D-PDF read, markup to PMI translation, activation of PMI sections, new 3D-PDF template incl views carousel, updated importers and more. More details will follow with the release announcement – stay tuned.