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Interested parties

You can request the KISTERS 3DViewStation Setup from the following download page. It contains all KISTERS visualisation solutions. The desktop version can be tested as a full version for 30 days and can be used with a purchased license. For further demo licenses please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.


Existing customers

You have the following options to download our software:

Using the direct links from the e-mail with which you received your license.

Via our download page, the form has to be filled out only once, at the next visit it is enough to enter the deposited e-mail address.

Via the integrated update function of 3DViewStation Desktop on the Help tab.

If you have technical questions, our support is available for you. If you have questions about license delivery, please contact our order processing.



KISTERS 3DViewStation Setup: Download page

License server 64 Bit – Version 5.2.2: Download, only for licensing type Network License (floating and license per session for multiple servers)


Optional downloads:

This software is already included in the 3DViewStation setup, but can also be downloaded separately if required:

Activation Toolkit: Download only for Node Locked Licensing with Online Activation (Seat)

Microsoft Redistributables 64 Bit: Download

Network License Monitor: Download

TeamViewer Quick Support: Download

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