12/02/2021 | Tag : Desktop webviewer 3DViewStation lines intersection help construction points

Preview v2021: create intersection point from 2 disconnected lines

Kisters 3DViewStation has a couple of authoring function in order to create help constructions. There are various options to create coordinate systems, i.e. using circles, planes or lines. 3DViewStation also allows to create wires like a center line of a cylinder or a line between 2 points. The creation of points so far was limited to a circle center and a point, i.e. at a corner of a solid. We now added a method to create a point from two disconnected lines, i.e. close to the rounded corner of a solid.

Here is an examples:

10/02/2021 | Tag : Desktop webviewer 3DViewStation 2d snap points wires lines

Preview v2021: snapping end and center points

This is a function, which has been requested by 2D customers, but it might be useful for 3D users as well: Since long 3DViewStation has a behaviour, that it starts snapping to characteristic points, when you start moving your mouse cursor close to it. I.e. when you do a point to point measurement, we might snap to an edge, which is close to your cursor. We now allow to limit the snapping to the centerpoint of the closest line or to an endpoint.