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KnowHow: PMI Annotation to Feature assoziation (MBD)

PMIs (Product Manufacturing Information) are used to annotate 3D CAD models, trying to replace 2D drawings. Frequently the terms MBD (Model Based Definition), MBE (Model Based Enterprise = a company that adopted MBD), GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) or FT&A (Functional Tolerancing & Annotation) are used. Kisters 3DViewStation supports PMIs for most fileformats including Catia, NX, ProE / Creo, JT… 3D annotations are displayed, predefined views (see also here) are shown using the defined name, camera position and visibility settings per object. Also, Kisters 3DViewStation highlights the assoziated feature if a PMI annotation has been clicked.

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Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop V2014.1 News Video

We added a video to our YouTube channel, showing some of the 3DViewStation V2014.1 news: watch english video here

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