03/02/2021 | Tag : Desktop webviewer 3DViewStation Views export 2d

Preview v2021: save multiple views to 2D-PDF

3DViewStation frequently is leveraged to display views, i.e. PMI views / captures, which are contained in a CAD file. But user can also create their own views - and this can be many. For all types of views Kisters 3DViewStation shows preview images in the views pane. Since long we allow to export them as images or PDF individually. New with v2021 is the possibility to simply export all views into a single PDF in order to create an overview document.

Get an impression here:

08/12/2014 | Tag : export 3d-pdf PMI MBD 2D-PDF MBE Template model tree structure load Struktur laden Strukturbaum

Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop V2014.2 News Video

We added a video to our YouTube channel, showing some of the 3DViewStation V2014.2 news: watch english video here

24/11/2014 | Tag : export Release PDF-templates v2014.2

Kisters 3DViewStation v2014.2 release

We have done a new 3DViewStation version V2014.2 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now. Impressions see here. Fileformats:

  • import of Catia V5-6 2014 (R24)
  • import of Creo 3
  • import of Inventor 2015
  • import of SolidEdge ST7
  • import of 2D-PDF
  • import: load structure only + load selected parts/assemblies later
  • export of 3D-PDF: new template with views carousel
  • export of 3D-PDF: PMI to feature associativity
  • export of 3D-PDF: associative part list
  • export markups as PMIs to i.e. 3D-PDF, JT
  • export optimization for tesselation, BREP, custom created & modified assembly structures
  • vector export to SVG


  • fire up standard application for unknown file formats
  • license activation for seat licensing
  • PMI section views: activate section function for such views
  • re-tesselate geometry without re-loading it (BREP mode)
  • analyze: clash detection (as is)
  • analyze: multiple sections in same direction
  • modeltree: create new node, delete node, move node
  • allow to save 3DViewStation application settings as profiles

11/02/2014 | Tag : export UI Oberfläche anpassen compare vergleich customize Layer linke Maustaste left mouse BREP modified custom ribbon angepasstes Ribbon

Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop V2014 release

We have done a new 3DViewStation version V2014 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now. Fileformats:

  • New importer: NX 9, 3DVSXML
  • Import of layer information
  • Export of modified data to i.e. STEP, 3D-PDF, JT, Parasolid, VRML, STL…
  • Export of BREP


  • configure tablet usage
  • complete left mouse button / finger control
  • customize: accelerator keys
  • customize: custom toolbar
  • customize: mouse key: sensitivity
  • customize: quick access toolbar
  • analyze: optimized compare for parts
  • modeltree: show annotation text, dimension
  • tech-doc: draw associated lines
  • new splash
  • new icon

06/12/2012 | Tag : export 3d-pdf Konverter converter translator JT STEP neutral CAD 3D-Viewer

KnowHow: 3DViewStation = 160 converters

Did you know: The Kisters 3DViewStation contains more than 160 converters: i.e. Catia to STEP, NX to 3D-PDF, STEP to Parasolid, JT to 3D-PDF, Creo / ProE to VRML… 3DViewStation reads more than 20 3D-CAD fileformats and allows to tranlsate them into 8 export fileformats.
Find the current list of supported fileformats here.

15/12/2011 | Tag : 3D ViewStation V10 surfaces extract export split 3D-Viewer

3D ViewStation V10: how to extract surfaces?

We just have been asked, how to extract the surfaces of a part and export them. Startingpoint is the assembly and we will use the split function to do most of the job. Have a look at the video.