26/08/2019 | Tag : split Wall thickness analysis advanced analysis Advanced viewing Entformungsschräge draft angle

Video: a typical workflow in casting industry

This video shows a typical workflow in casting industry: Loading the native files, isolating parts of interesst, analysing them using measurement, draft angle, wall thickness & split functions, saving the work in views, revision compare. This is all available in our 3DViewStation Desktop version as well as 3DViewStation WebViewer.

25/02/2017 | Tag : 3DViewStation Desktop Advanced viewing analyze Kollisionskontrolle Material

Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop v2017.0 News Video

We have done a new video showing the news of Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop v2017.0.  Available here as MP4 or on YouTube.

3DViewStation Desktop v2017.0 News

23/10/2014 | Tag : Aras DMU Digital Mockup ACE Rapdifire Advanced viewing Europe

Aras Digital Mockup = Kisters 3DViewStation

Aras ACE Europe 2014 just ended. Aras VP John Sperling reported about Kisters 3DViewStation beeing Aras Digital Mockup (DMU) solution. Also, we did the Rapidfire demo again, similar to Chicago earlier this year.