15.02.2021 | Tag : draft angle undercut advanced analysis

Preview v2021: draft angle analysis shows undercuts

Mold and die customers are typical users of our draft angle analysis function. It is very fast and allows to investigate a part in order to identify production issues and estimate the complexity of the required tool. This finally has impact on the production price. 3DViewStation now helps identifying undercuts. This is an option which has been designed for performance. As a user you can now highlight the critical areas, which helps you focussing on the important areas.

Examples of draft angle analysis, with and without undercut option turned on:

13.10.2020 | Tag : 3DViewStation Desktop DMU Digital Mockup advanced analysis

Video: 3DViewStation V2020.1 News

Let's have a look what's new with 3DViewStation V2020.1: 

3DViewStation v2020.1 news

26.08.2019 | Tag : split Wall thickness analysis advanced analysis Advanced viewing Entformungsschräge draft angle

Video: a typical workflow in casting industry

This video shows a typical workflow in casting industry: Loading the native files, isolating parts of interesst, analysing them using measurement, draft angle, wall thickness & split functions, saving the work in views, revision compare. This is all available in our 3DViewStation Desktop version as well as 3DViewStation WebViewer.

02.12.2018 | Tag : advanced analysis analyze split

Preview: new split function

With upcoming 3DViewStation 2019.0, expected in early 2019, we'll add a new split function. Ideal for casting, mold making and plastic injection companies. It allows to determine the splitting direction, manual assignment of faces to certain groups, and also supports multiple splitting directions. Here an impression:

29.08.2018 | Tag : 3DViewStation Desktop advanced analysis analyze feature recognition

New analysis function: recognition of drill holes

Find below an impression of a new analysis function, our drill hole recognition. This function just needs tesselation of a geometry and will try to recognize drill holes first plus will compute a set of parameters afterwards.

09.05.2018 | Tag : real time advanced analysis wall thickness Wall thickness analysis

Preview: measure wallthickness in real time

Our wallthickness calculation has become that fast, that we are now able to provide a real time measurement function for the method "rolling ball". Have a look:

19.01.2018 | Tag : advanced analysis neutral axis

New: calculation of neutral axis

Available now:  the calculation of the neutral axis  has been added to the "Advanced Analysis" option of the 3DViewStation verfügbar. This allows a simple calculation of circle cylindric tube and pipe segments. Our implementation requires BREP data consisting of circle objects. Options allow to exclude potential distortions, like junctions or branches, or to show additional dimensions and internal help geometries.