JT analysis and authoring

Kisters 3DViewStation is a powerful and user friendly tool  to analyze, author and translate JT data in your process chain.

JT is an important industry standard, which has been widely adopted, especially in the automotive industry. Today, in many processes JT has replaced native 3D CAD data already. Still, JT is just a file format and Kisters 3DViewStation an adequate tool for Digital Mockup, analysis, authoring and translation for your 3D CAD data.

As JT might contain BREP as well as tesselation, it’s frequently used for engineering processes. Still, if you intend only to use the free JT2Go in all your processes, then you might run into acceptance issues due to the non-intuitive user interface and due to limitations regarding the functionality. Here Kisters 3DViewStation is an alternative: besides viewing incl. PMIs / GD&T / MDB and navigation it provides  a full set of Digital Mockup (DMU) and analysis functions for engineering users like Mockup creation, measurement, dimensioning, section, volume-, surface- and section- contour calculation, draft angle analysis, 3D compare. For design-reviews JT assemblies can be organized in views in order to prepare review meetings: show or hide parts, change colors & transparencies, add annotations & markups. Filter and search in complex assemblies objects by type, metadata or color. Production engineering will use Kisters 3DViewStation as authoring system, to define production- and manufacturing steps using the JT model. If you need to translate native 3D CAD data into JT, then 3DViewStation will help you doing that interactively. In case of a need for batch-translation to JT there is Kisters Automation Server.

Especially external and internal users with low requirements for 3D-viewing are the typical JT2Go users, which will use the JT data, authored using Kisters 3DViewStation, on a daily basis.


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