3D annotated models replace drawings

3D annotated CAD models more and more replace classic 2D drawings. Thanks to an excellent support for PMIs Kisters 3DViewStation helps realizing 3D master concepts, with the goal to avoid 2D drawings generation.

PMIs (Product Manufacturing Information) are used to add annotations to 3D CAD models, with the goal to fully replace 2D drawings. Frequently other terms are used like MBD (Model Based Definition), MBE (Model based Enterprise), GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) or FT&A (Functional Tolerancing & Annotation) and also 3D Master Concept. Kisters 3DViewStation supports PMIs for most file formats incl. Catia, NX, ProE / Creo, JT and STEP AP 242. 3D annotations are displayed, PMI views show the preview image incl. corresponding 3D annotations, define the correct camera position and visibility of objects. Besides that, if you click on a 3D annotation Kisters 3DViewStation will highlight the associated feature.

Especially for users from production planning & manufacturing, Kisters 3DViewStation will be the reliable, efficient and cost effective 3D CAD visualization solution


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