Open Text Desktop Viewer

The universal viewer for desktop and web applications

Open Text (prev. Spicer) offers viewers for easy desktop and web application integration:

Starting with simple viewing, redline and markup, right down to grid editing and scanning, with support for Office, grid, and CAD formats, with adaptable clients for Windows (Desktop Viewer), ActiveX (Content Viewer Toolkit), and JAVA (Thin Client Viewer).

Imagenation, with currently over 100,000 licenses in Germany and more than 500,000 worldwide, might be seen as THE universal viewer.

Why do I need the Open Text Desktop Viewer (prev. Imagenation)?

You will need the Open Text Desktop Viewer whenever you work with applications dealing with the processing of electronic documents, typically in a DMS/CMS, PDM environment, i.e. in all digital document management systems, including records management, claims files, document revision, planning permits, document workflow, revision control, spare parts management, task preparation, manufacture, quality control, GIS, facilities management, and also for scanning, post processing, and reprography.

Open Text Desktop Viewer is the right choice for you
  • Office Viewer for e.g. DOC, RTF, XLS, PPT, PDF, PS, EPS...
    Grid Viewer for e.g. TIFF, CALS, BMP, JPEG, JPEG2000, MrSID, PNG...
    2D CAD Viewer for e.g. DWG, DXF, DGN, CGM, MI, IGES, SVG...
    Plot Viewer for e.g. HPGL, HPGL/2, HP-RTL...
    Viewer for document comparison.
  • Viewer in archives, DMS, CMS, PDM systems, incl. CIM-Database, ImageMaster, Profile, SAP-DVS, SAP records management, scan solutions or plot management solutions.
  • Quick and intuitive viewer for your scans that exist as e.g. 15-meter TIFF drawings (virtually unlimited size).
  • Redline or markup tool for your DMS/PDM system, which can implement virtually any rights concept.
  • Viewer for Web applications: Thin Client Viewer with markup, ActiveX controls.
  • Viewer/ redliner/ editor that allows the printing of documents with any stamps and banner texts for e.g. reflecting the processing status or version number (ISO 9000 conformity), incl. integrated batch function.
  • Grid editor for any type of legacy data
  • Scan software for large and small format scanners, ISIS interface.
  • Converter for various data formats, incl. vector to vector, or vector to grid, i.e. for the neutralization of drawings to PDF, PDF/A, or TIFF, with stamps or banner texts,
  • Stamping of PDF documents.
  • Batch applications and extensions
  • Motto: anything interactive can be automated via API
  • Spare parts documentation and spare parts management
  • Tool for the creation of intelligent hyperlinks from documents (sections) or objects to other documents or other applications (hotspots)    
Key features of Open Text Desktop Viewer
  • approx. 200 data formats: Office, Grid, CAD, Plot
  • Product variations: Office, View, Markup, Edit, Scan,..
  • ActiveX controls for the functionalities View, Markup, RasterEdit
  • Customizable: Simple to complex customizing via menu configurations and via API
  • Integration: approx. 300 powerful API functions for .Net, C-API, OLE, DDE
  • Rights concept, therefore integrated in many PDMS
  • Navigation: Thumbnails, overview and detail windows, hotspots (hyperlinks)
  • Data conversion, rasterization
  • Measuring, dimensioning, sectioning, document comparison, drawing comparison
  • Print/plot: with banner and stamp (ISO 9000), pin tables for CAD
  • Icons, font handling, hotspots
  • dynamically switchable across 22 languages

Our customers and integrators are equally delighted with the strengths of the Open Text desktop viewers, which are mainly in the areas of customizing, integration options, performance, and the myriad of supported data formats. 


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