3DViewStation VR-Edition - large models & CAD tools

3DViewStation VR-Edition Overview

Virtual Reality (VR) solution - powered by 3DViewStation

Immersive 3D model experience - 3DViewStation VR-Edition is the cost effective alternative to your Powerwall or Cave.

Leveraging SteamVR or Wwindows Mixed Reality based devices, such as HTC Vive or Lenovo Explorer, our 3DViewStation VR-Edition lets you virtually dive into 3D models. This will work with even large assemblies, like vehicles, maschines or buildings as we are using our own renderer. 3D models can be displayed in real size or might be scaled to fit into the space available. You can virtually move yourself inside the model or "beam" yourself to a new position. Selected objects can either be hidden or moved.  Means, you can i.e. lift a whole car in order to inspect it at the bottom side. Or you can select individual parts to try an assembly or disassembly process. To perform sections just point to an object first, using one of the controllers, to define the section plane, then move the section plane in a second step. But in our VR-Edition you also use many functions know from our Desktop and WebViewer products like measurements (i.e. lines, circles) and even powerful analysis functions like wallthickness analysis and draft angle analysis. Finally 3DViewStation Desktop can be used as authoring tool to i.e. create a series of views, which you can navigate through during a session in 3DViewStation VR-Edition.

Application Areas
  • replacement for Powerwall or Cave
  • virtual review, i.e. check assembly / disassembly
  • usage in sales & marketing: present complex products during sales processes or trade shows. I.e. cars, trucks, vehicles, machines, plants, aircrafts, buildings, which are hard to transport or cannot be moved at all because of size, immobility or hughe number of variants. 
  • usage in product configuration solutions (CPQ): change options in real time
  • usage in QA processes: averlay QA result with geometry


Technical features:
  • no preparation time - start VR session instantly, even for native CAD data
  • integration - start VR session from within leading system instantly, due to powerful API
  • High performance
  • photorealistic rendering using materials
  • PMI
  • visual navigation
  • views
  • selection incl. intelligent picking
  • hide object / selection
  • ghost object / selection
  • move object / selection
  • re-color object
  • section
  • measurement
  • draft angle analysis
  • wall thickness analysis
  • material & skybox
  • virtually all know functions & features of our Desktop product



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