Visualization for product configuration

Need powerful 3D visualization for your product configuration solution?

You run a product configurator in the Web or you are a developer of a CPQ solution. Your solution knows all about the product, all the rules of how to configure it, about pricing of the components, has access to related geometries, just lacking a powerful visualization? Then Kisters 3DViewStation WebViewer could help.

3DViewStation WebViewer is used to visualize configurable truck engines, complete trucks, industrial HVAC systems and more.

These are a couple of problems we solve:

  • The visualization is very fast, displays configuration changes in a second, in the cloud or on premise.
  • Geometries are loaded, positioned and scaled dynamically – in real time
  • We are able to deal with nice materials rendering and surrounding sky boxes in real time.
  • 3DViewStation WebViewer can render complete products with even 100.000nds parts in seconds, in just a Browser
  • You will be able to offer 2D drawings, which will automatically be generated from the configured 3D model
  • 3DViewStation helps you protecting your IP (intellectual property):
    • We do not transmit any 3D object from the server to the client, when rendering the 3D model in a Browser. It would be too easy to capture them.
    • 3DViewStation has the ability to prevent from sectioning of certain parts or the whole 3D model
    • We can automatically remove parts, which cannot be seen from the outside
    • In case you have to forward BREP data: 3DViewStation allows to alienate geometries in a way, that you might not see the change, still that the geometries will be useless for production (avoid illegal copies, plagiasm)