Our solutions integrate in market-leading solutions, including PDM / PLM / ERP / DMS / CMS / SLMS / MRO / PCMS / CPQ / QA

KISTERS 3DViewStation integrations

Kisters products and solutions are integrated in a large number of systems, e.g. Enovia SmarTeam + 3DExperience from Dassault Systemes, TeamCenter and Active Workspace from Siemens PLM, CIM Database from Contact Software, SAP (ECTR, DVS, CAD-Desktop),  Aras Innovator, Admileo (Archimedon), ProLeis (ID-GmbH), in several product configuration, also called CPQ (Cost Price Quote) solution  (i.e. Deutz DESEC, Tacton, Valtech), service lifecycle management / after sales / MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) applications (i.e. Cimpa iSLM, Kisters LCAM), quality assurance systems (i.e. Kisters FastQ), project management solutions for AEC (i.e. EPLASS) and spare parts solutions (i.e. CatalogCreator).

Kisters 3DViewStation product family is designed to extend management systems by advanced 3D visualization, 2D viewing, Office viewing and batch conversion solutions.

The Kisters 3DViewStation product family provides APIs for easy integration. The same applies for all our product variants, e.g. the Desktop, ActiveX, WebViewer versions and the batch tool KAS. Processes can now be simplified by visualization of parts, assemblies and documents, by leveraging advanced analysis capabilities,  automated comparison of revisions and digital Mockups (DMU). Product variants and configurations, which managed as virtual product structures by PLM, product ponfiguration (PCMS, CPQ) and service lifecycle manangement systems (SLMS), can be loaded in 3DViewStation dynamically. Associative information, like ERP meta data or related service documentation (i.e. out of a SLMS) might be interlinked with geometric objects via hyperlinks. Finally, our batch conversion solution is typically integrated on the server side.

Watch a video showing our 3DViewStation WebViewer integrated in the product configurator of our customer DAF. 

Our tools will help realize your goals (excerpt):
  • 3D CAD viewer, 2D CAD viewer, Office viewer, image / bitmap viewer, universal viewer integration
  • 3D Viewer integration for standard formats (e.g. STEP, JT, 3D PDF)
  • Performance-optimized viewing in Kisters' native data format: Just 1 second for the most complex assemblies 
  • 3D Viewer and 2D viewer integration in your system UI (inplace) or with full UI
  • use 3DViewStation PlugIns for integrations with leading systems
  • use 3DViewStation PlugIns to extend, change, automate functionalities
  • use 3DViewStation PlugIns to add file format support
  • 3D Viewer and 2D viewer for Fat clients and Web clients
  • Controlling the 3D compare function from within your PDM system
  • Controlling the 2D compare function from within your PDM system
  • Automatic generation of preview images/ thumbnails of 3D models
  • Automated enrichment of 3D data with meta data to allow links to other models/ documents, or the infoset in the leading system (intelligent 3D data).
  • Creation of 3D models of virtual products, i.e. without CAD assembly file and directly from the PDM system
  • Creation of virtual 3D PDF despite the fact that 3D PDF is a monolithic data format



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