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Moving into our new building


This week the visualization team moved into our new building. Kisters headquarter has now grown to this area:


3DViewStation Desktop v2020.0 Release


We have released a new 3DViewStation Desktop version v2020.0 with a series of enhancements, described below. Please also review our recent BLOG preview entries. The new version is available for download now...

  • New and updated file formats:
  • Import 3D:
       NX 1899, Parasolid 32 , Revit 2020, Revit reading performance improvement
  • Import 2D: 
       CATIA: V5-6R2020 (R30), NX: 1899, 1903, 1904, 1907
  • New and updated functions:
  • Fresh UI layout with several color schemes
  • supporting the evaluation processes of our customers:  
      in the application settings there are now options to select UI configurations according to available optional modules
  • faster start of 3DViewStation Desktop
  • Neighborhood Search (Linear, Box trap) (since v2019.1)
  • Edge color (wire) is customizable, several options
  • Merge objects: merge all selected objects to a single one or to several by selected sub-assembly
  • re-design of clash:
          much faster, more accurate
          calculation of intersection curves, penetration depth and volume
          more display options, better presentation of results
  • Font recognition& replacement for 2D drawings (Advanced 2D file formats only)
  • "Filter" has been renamed to "Search"
  • Searching Semantic PMI has been added
  • introduction of a statusbar, information displayed will grow over time
  • discontinuations:
         we dropped HiCAD file format support
         we dropped 32-bit 3DViewStation Desktop version

PreView v2020: 2D Font substitution table


2D drawings may contain a set of fonts, which are typically not included with the drawing file, but which need to be installed on the local system in order to render the drawing correctly. So far we allowed to substitute all fonts by a configurable single one. 3DViewStation now will prompt, if one or several fonts could not be found and allows to maintain a font substitution table, assigning different fonts to each one, which could not be found.


PreView v2020: merge objects evolution


Sometimes it is convenient to merge several objects into a single one, which will reduce the number of nodes. This might simplify the future processing of an assembly, re-selecting a group of objects instead of just the clicked one, less nodes for clash...We now added a new option, which allows to select several subassemblies inside the structure tree and will merge each sub-tree to a single object. 


Preview v2020: Clash evolution


We did a complete redesign of our clash: much faster, many more options to calculate values of interesst, much better display of results...


PreView v2020: new UI color schemes


We will introduce new, fresh color schemes with the upcoming 3DViewStation v2020. Please get some impressions.



We hereby inform about discontinuations related to all our 3DViewStation products:

We no longer support

  • 3DViewStation for 32-bit systems
  • HiCAD file format

New: UI layout variants to evaluate 3DViewStation options


To simplify the evaluation process related to the various 3DViewStation options we now added corresponding settings in the "applications" area.


New since v2019.1: several options to determine the wire color


Per default we used to render wires of a part in black. Since 3DViewStation v2019.1 users can now change the color by chosing between the known, typically black color, the vertex color, the exact of adjusted node color. The screenshots visualize the differences:


Preview: Selection via linear distance


We now provide a solution to select and isolate objects which are close to the current selection. This is useful for i.e. piping objects, where a box or sphere would not help to select all objects, which are closer than a certain distance to the selection.


Updated importers


Along with our 3DViewStation Desktop Final Build 2019.0.609 we updated the importers. The following file formats have been added or updated:

Import 3D:

  • ACIS 2019
  • Catia V5-V6 R2019 (R29)
  • Parasolid v31.1
  • Inventor 2020


Import 2D:

  • Open Office ODG, ODP, ODS, ODT


News video: 3DViewStation Desktop V2019.0


Let's have a look what's new with 3DViewStation Desktop V2019.0: 


Preview: support for Revit


With upcoming updates of the 3DViewStation product family we will add support for AutoDesk Revit. The sample shows how it could look like...

New analysis function: recognition of drill holes


Find below an impression of a new analysis function, our drill hole recognition. This function just needs tesselation of a geometry and will try to recognize drill holes first plus will compute a set of parameters afterwards.

Preview: scale objects interactively


Now you can scale objects interactively - so far this was possible via API only. An impression:


Preview: optimize instances - reduce file size


in the upcoming release we will auomatically recognize instances, which will result in smaller files and faster load times. You might see significant advantages with large assemblies.

Preview: fly through complex 3D products


This preview shows how to fly through complex 3D products using upcoming 3DViewStation V2017.1. A video...

Preview: IP protection by distortion of BREP geometries


available soon: IP protection by distortion of BREP geometries. A first video....

New importers


3DViewStation got new importers:

  • Catia V5_6 R2017
  • Inventor 2018
  • Parasolid v30
  • Acis 2017.1 (R27)

Video: functional overview 3DViewStation


find here a video giving a functional overview over our 3DViewStation

Nice renderings using materials and background images


Even technical products need to be rendered nicely from time to time. That's why we currently work on implementing graphical effects offering materials. Besides that you will need background images and a skybox to allow i.e. nice reflextions. 

New user interface for WebViewer - Office like


We currently work on a new user interface for our WebViewer version. It will get "Ribbons" which we all know from Office products and our Desktop version. Also the icons have been reworked and are now vector based and scalable, and the number of colors has been reduced to max 3.


PlugIns for 3DViewStation


With the next release we will allow to extend the user interface of 3DViewStation via PlugIns. For developers we will provide a template, which will contain the additional functionality. This way you might establish a communication with 3rd party systems and / or usage of 3DViewStation API calls. Below an example which will read attributes (metadata) from a CSV file which will cause 3DViewStation showing new / modified / deleted attributes in the property pane. 


VR-Edition of Kisters 3DViewStation


Right now we also work on a VR edition of our 3DViewStation. As VR solution (virtual reality) we connect  to the HTC-Vive, later Microsoft's Hololens will follow as AR / MR solution (Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality).

Aras Digital Mockup = Kisters 3DViewStation


Aras ACE Europe 2014 just ended. Aras VP John Sperling reported about Kisters 3DViewStation beeing Aras Digital Mockup (DMU) solution. Also, we did the Rapidfire demo again, similar to Chicago earlier this year.

Know How: 3DViewStation on Windows 10?


We already tried it for you: Kisters 3DViewStation runs on Windows 10!

Do PLM-systems offer sufficient 3D visualization solutions?


We observe a high variety of visualization concepts provided by PLM-systems. Some focus on neutralizing 3D-CAD data to i.e. JT or 3D-PDF, some integrate high end DMU tools, some could work with any visualization solution, means, there is no integration at all.But is there an ideal solution, are there any minimum requirements which should be fulfilled? We at Kisters believe, that only the customer can decide on that. The customer knows his processes and he will i.e. define a requirement for native CAD viewing in cases of many ad hoc processes or frequent on site meetings for design reviews with latest data – the PLM-system should not limit him in his decision.In case of using neutralized light weight process formats JT is an important standard, but it’s just one among several other file formats. Many customers today prefer 3D-PDF as most of the users with basic requirements are familiar with Adobe Reader. So we sometimes find a discussion JT vs 3D-PDF and often it turns out to become a tool question.Is there a tool like TC-Vis for 3D-PDF or native 3D-CAD data?Yes, there is. Kisters 3DViewStation is a fast viewing solution for all 3D native + neutral CAD incl. JT and 3D-PDF, for really large assemblies, is designed for PLM-integration, has the ability to also load virtual product structures via API, to create hyperlinks between geometries and associated documents or data. The many Freebees available typically provide just basic functionality, a Kisters 3DViewStation integration would enable most users of a PLM-process-chain to do their job, fast & intuitive in a managed environment. For engineering users it might be the analysis tool, for sales users the tool to help on quotations, for purchase users the tool to convert into JT or 3D-PDF to send lightweight 3D-CAD data to suppliers, for project engineers the first choice to prepare design review meetings, for others the authoring tool for the shopfloor.
Kisters 3DViewStation, available as Desktop, ActiveX and WebViewer version, is developed close to customers & integrators requirements. Get an idea about 3DViewStation here:

KnowHow: 3DViewStation on Apple’s MAC?


3DViewStation is a native Windows application, still it runs on MAC-OS as well, using Parallels:

KnowHow: 3DViewStation on Linux?


3DViewStation is a native Windows application, still it runs on Linux as well, using Wine:

KnowHow: PMI Annotation to Feature assoziation (MBD)


PMIs (Product Manufacturing Information) are used to annotate 3D CAD models, trying to replace 2D drawings. Frequently the terms MBD (Model Based Definition), MBE (Model Based Enterprise = a company that adopted MBD), GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) or FT&A (Functional Tolerancing & Annotation) are used. Kisters 3DViewStation supports PMIs for most fileformats including Catia, NX, ProE / Creo, JT… 3D annotations are displayed, predefined views (see also here) are shown using the defined name, camera position and visibility settings per object. Also, Kisters 3DViewStation highlights the assoziated feature if a PMI annotation has been clicked.

Kisters headquarter has moved / Die Kisters Zentrale ist umgezogen


We moved to a new location. This is our new office (-> new address) . The video has been recorded using a Parrot Ar.Drone (quadrocopter).

Microsoft excited about Kisters 3DViewStation


Simon Floyd, Microsoft, was the 2014 keynote speaker of Aras ACE in Chicago. He was excited about Kisters 3DViewStation:

So the @kistersviewer demo at #ace2014 was so fast and absolutely awesome #3D#Windows

— Simon Floyd (@FloydInnovation) 29. April 2014

Kisters 3DViewStation is Aras choice for Digital Mockup


Kisters AG and Aras Partner to Deliver High Performance 3D Digital Mockup: read complete message

DMU: load 100.000 parts aircraft in 10 sec


Complex products like aircrafts consist of 100.000+ parts. and are offered with many options. Too manage all configurations and geometries there are PLM systems required, which allow to filter from a so called 150% model down to the final end-customer configuration. In such environments we will not find any traditional assembly files any more, as all product structure and positioning information are now metadata of the PLM-system.
As we recently run into such a customer project, we showed, that our Kisters 3DViewStation is able to load such huge dynamically filtered, fully detailed 100.000 part aircrafts in just 10 seconds on a notebook computer with a little NVidia graphics adapter and just 8 GB RAM. Focus was to do graphical selections, which are handed over to the CAD-system for starting an editing session. But we also did sections through the entire device, did measurements and exploded views. It all performed well.

Video – Customizing the UI


This video shows several possibilities to customize the UI of the Kisters 3DViewStation, i.e. to maximize size of the graphics area by minimizing other windows. Hide the ribbons, let windows disappear automatically, have windows float, add & remove controls to the quick access toolbar, arrange own layout of the windows. Here is the english version of the video.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) + 3DViewStation + Image AX


A demo covering the subject Digital Rights Management (DRM, ERM). We show an integration of our Kisters 3DViewStation and Open Text (Spicer)  Content Viewer Toolkit (Image AX) with the DRM-tools of AirZip: securing of files (3D CAD, 2D CAD, office, PDF…), categories of permissions, options, watermarks, protection against screendumps… find more at and

Whitepaper: Visualization in the manufacturing industry


We published a whitepaper covering the topic “visualization in the manufacturing industry”. Here is the Link to the english version.

Ein Fachartikel zum Thema: Nutzung von 3D-Daten in der Fertigungsindustrie


Hier geht es zum Fachartikel.
Viel Spaß beim Lesen.

Euromold 27.-30.11.2012, Frankfurt, Hall 11.0, booth B142


Meet with us during Euromold exhibition in Frankfurt. We will showcase latest developments around our 3DViewStation. You are invited to discuss your requirements with us and review what 3DViewStation is able to do for you today.
International and national endcustomers, resellers and integrators are wellcome.
Fairground Frankfurt, november 27th.-30th, hall 11.0, booth B142 in 9 languages


We translated our web-pages for 3DViewStation and Automation server into 9 languages.
Supported languages are

  • chinese
  • english
  • french
  • german
  • italian
  • japanese
  • korean
  • russian
  • spanish

Please check out!