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Video 3DViewStation Desktop v2018.0 News


A short video showing the news of 3DViewStation Desktop v2018.0...

3DViewStation Desktop v2018.0 Release


We have released a new 3DViewStation Desktop version v2018.0 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now.

  • File formats:
  • Import 3D:
    • NX 12
    • Catia V5-6R2018
    • 3DXML BREP
    • SolidEdge ST10
    • SolidWorks 2018
    • Parasolid v30.1
    • ACIS 2018 (R28)
    • Rhino 6
    • PLMXML
  • Import 2D:
    • Ascii Text, reading using a formatting template 
    • Catdrawing reading now requires 2D Advanced license
  • Functions:
  • optimize instances - results in file size reduction
  • save views separate from geometries
  • load views independent from i.e. revised geometries
  • new: remove edges of geometries, i.e. due to bad quality
  • new: re-calculate edges of geometries, i.e. to allow measurements
  • new: calculation of neutral axis of piping objects
  • new: scale geometry
  • new: measure face without need to extract face first
  • new: real time wall thickness measurement
  • new: Skybox creator
  • enhanced: wall thickness analysis color gradated, i.e. multi selection
  • enhanced: mirroring of geometries

Preview: new option to mirror objects


We will introduce a new option to mirror objects: you can now determine one face of the bounding box, which will be used for mirroring. The mirrored object(s) will then be moved to that face.

Preview: formatting text files


3DViewStation also supports 2D file formats, incl. text files. These text files frequently are generated automatically, without any layout. We now added settings to specify i.e. paper size, borders etc. in order to format such text files on screen.  

Problem caused by Microsoft Spring Update for Windows 10 - please update to v2018.0!


Unfortunately with v2017.1 we have problems reading DWG, DXF, DGN files. The problem is caused by the latest  Microsoft Spring Update for Windows 10. 
Please update to v2018.0 and the problem will be resolved.

Preview: heal data - generate wires


We typically need to view and measure all data which we get. To be able to measure on data we need wires. But sometimes there are no wires at all or the quality of the wires is so poor, that we cannot do any measurements. To solve this problem 3DViewStation now allows to remove existing wires and to generate them again.

Preview: measure wallthickness in real time


Our wallthickness calculation has become that fast, that we are now able to provide a real time measurement function for the method "rolling ball". Have a look:

Preview: scale objects interactively


Now you can scale objects interactively - so far this was possible via API only. An impression:


Preview: optimize instances - reduce file size


in the upcoming release we will auomatically recognize instances, which will result in smaller files and faster load times. You might see significant advantages with large assemblies.