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Tutorial: disable change of color, transparency, cuttability etc.



- prevent properties to be changed

- prevent from sectioning

Tutorial: rename node name by attribute


Tutorial: rename node name by attribute


Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop v2017.0 News Video


We have done a new video showing the news of Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop v2017.0.  Available here as MP4 or on YouTube.


3DViewStation Desktop v2017.0 Release


We have done a new 3DViewStation Desktop version V2017.0 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now.

  • File formats:
  • New: SolidEdge ST9
  • New: Solidworks 2017
  • New: NX 11
  • New: HiCAD
  • Functions:
  • New: save selections
  • New: prevent object from section / recoloring / ghosting / transparency / material / visibility change
  • New: apply attribute as node name in structure tree
  • New wallthickness analysis method: rolling ball
  • New: use materials for photo realistic rendering
  • New: apply a background image
  • New: apply a Skybox to influence reflections
  • New: animations - allow continous rotation of objects
  • Enhanced: significantly advanced vectorization, supporting multiple views, blocks, layers and 2D output to DXF
  • Enhanced: performance & handling for ultra large assemblies:
    • multi-threaded 3DVS file format loading
    • set minimum frame rate
    • progressive load: start rendering while still loading
    • no external graphics adapter required any more to achieve fast display

Loadtime revolution


After graphics performance revolution today it's all about load times of ultra large assemblies. We'll demo that with our 3DViewStation Desktop version on a Notebook PC as well as in a Browser and even on a Smartphone using 3DViewStation WebViewer. Get excited!