Across nearly all industries, 2D viewers have become increasingly relevant tools for today's businesses. Our high-performance, user-friendly 2D viewers can be customized to your company's needs, allowing you to edit your raster graphics and documents fast and efficiently.


2D Viewer is designed to meet all of your business's requirements relating to document visualization. They serve as a visualization interface for all of your company's applications and can even fulfill basic calculation requirements of individual desktops, thereby contributing to the success of your projects and your business.


Whether you're dealing with a simple PDF file or a complex CAD drawing , the necessity for information exchange is an important aspect for all industries, particularly for those manufacturing large quantities of products and using high amounts of resources.


2D viewers are often used as PDF viewers or TIFF viewers, but also as native or standard viewers, e.g. Office Viewer, Word or DOC Viewer, Excel or XLS Viewer, PowerPoint of PPT Viewer, or DWG, DXF and DWF Viewer. To enable communication between different 2D files, tools such as Office Viewer or TIFF Viewer are used to convert them into PDF, as this allows for the files to be viewed with both a PDF Viewer and Adobe Reader.


A customized 2D viewer helps make the initiation and implementation of your projects simple, fast and reliable, while at the same time enabling you to include other departments in the process and ensuring information exchange and access to provided data for viewing and further processing.


File viewers are often used as desktop file viewing systems, but are also commonly integrated as SDK or ActiveX components. Other versions include AJAX Viewer, JAVA Viewer and HTML Viewer.


KISTERS helps you to chose the  2D Viewer that's right for your business and provides support during the whole installation and setup process, thereby simplifying your workflow and ensuring the future success of your business.