05/09/2018 | Tag : real time advanced analysis wall thickness Wall thickness analysis

Preview: measure wallthickness in real time

Our wallthickness calculation has become that fast, that we are now able to provide a real time measurement function for the method "rolling ball". Have a look:

01/18/2018 | Tag : analyze wall thickness Wall thickness analysis

Preview: wall thickness analysis significantly enhanced

We significantly enhanced our wall thickness analysis, with focus on method "Rolling Ball". The quality of the results has been increased significantly, while the computation time has been drastically reduced.

11/07/2016 | Tag : wallthickness wall thickness Wall thickness analysis

Wall thickness analysis via method "Rolling Ball"

For the next 3DViewStation release we will add  the method "Rolling Ball" as alternative to the existing ray method in order to do wall thickness analysis. Here is an impression comparing results. 

06/24/2015 | Tag : wall thickness HLR SVG graduell graduated hidden line removal

3DViewStation v2015.1 preview

we are coming close to our 3DViewStation 2015.1 release. Find a few impressions below: high quality hidden line removal & SVG export, graduated wall thickness analysis.

06/29/2012 | Tag : 3DViewStation Desktop V11.2 wallthickness Views Nachbarschaftssuche neighborhood search wall thickness 3D-Viewer

3DViewStation V11.2 videos

We posted a video demonstrating the new features of 3DViewStation V11.2.

3DViewStation V11.2 overview EN