03/31/2017 | Tag : 3DViewStation webviewer web viewer visualization viewer server side rendering Performance navigation localization

3DViewStation WebViewer v2017.0 Release

We have done a new 3DViewStation WebViewer version V2017.0 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version can be tested online.

  • File formats:
  • New: SolidEdge ST9
  • New: Solidworks 2017
  • New: NX 11
  • New: HiCAD
  • Functions:
  • New: multi-language, ribbon based, MS Office like user interface (UI)
  • New: use materials for photo realistic rendering
  • New: apply a background image
  • New: apply a Skybox to influence reflections
  • Enhanced: significantly advanced vectorization, supporting multiple views, blocks, layers and 2D output to DXF
  • Enhanced: performance & handling for ultra large assemblies:
    • multi-threaded 3DVS file format loading
    • set minimum frame rate
    • progressive load: start rendering while still loading
    • No external graphics adapter required any more to achieve fast display.

11/18/2013 | Tag : 3d viewer draft angle Entformungsschräge v12.03 gitter grid focus auto explode create coordinate system mirror spiegeln coordinate system creation explodieren

3DViewStation V12.03

We have done a new 3DViewStation version v12.03 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now.


  • New importer: SolidWorks 2014, SolidEdge ST6, Parasolid v26, STEP AP 242
  • PMI support for JT export


  • draft angle analysis
  • explode assembly automatically
  • mirror object
  • create coordinate system
  • measure angle of face to direction (x/y/z)
  • calculate projected area
  • transformation: enter values, i.e. to move a part, to move the section pane, to rotate an object…
  • focus on selected part (zoom on it)
  • selection via rectangle
  • show grid

08/27/2013 | Tag : 3d cad viewer web cloud

3DViewStation WebViewer Release

The KISTERS 3DViewStation WebViewer is a cloud and mobile solution that can be integrated with your own cloud services to enable the viewing, inspection, and sharing of 3D manufacturing and construction data on the fly. The KISTERS 3DViewStation product family is known for high performance 3D-viewing, current and mature CAD-importers plus a reasonable set of functional tools to view, analyze and communicate 3D-data.Characteristics:

  • WebGL-based
  • requires just a browser supporting WebGL: Firefox, Chrome, Opera. upcoming Internet Explorer 11
  • no client installation
  • reads about 20 fileformats including latest Catia, NX, Creo, ProE, Solidworks, Solidedge, Inventor, JT, STEP, 3D-PDF
  • outputs 3DVSWeb-format, PNG, 3D-PDF
  • features: navigation, analysis, dimensioning and explosion of 3D-models.
  • customization
  • rich API

07/26/2013 | Tag : section 3d viewer vergleich analyze schnitt 12.02

3DViewStation v12.02

We have done a new 3DViewStation version v12.02 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now. Fileformats:

  • New importer: CatiaV5R23, Inventor 2014


  • Section during compare (part and assembly)
  • Measurement during section
  • Create geometry from section: surface and wires
  • Calculate section surface and section wire length
  • Measurement: point snap with tolerance
  • Measurement: select circle via 3 points
  • Measurement: distance between point and edge
  • Measurement: distance between point and solid
  • Measurement: distance between edge and face
  • Measurement: distance between edge and solid
  • Measurement: distance between 2 faces
  • Measurement: distance between face and solid


  • PMI views: support for PMI billboards
  • PMI views: filter by PMI-types


  • New license manager for Red Hat Linux 64bit

06/24/2013 | Tag : section 3d cad viewer 12.01 build 4604 vergleich analyze schnitt

3DViewStation v12.01

We have done a new 3DViewStation v12.01 with a series of enhancements, described below. The new version is available for download now.


  • Compare (part and assembly)
  • Activate coordinate systems
  • Measurement: distance between axis and edge
  • Measurement: show units, change units
  • Measurement: length in JTs by generating wires
  • Measurement: copy results into clipboard

Cutting Plane:

  • Enable selection with cutting plane on
  • Align Cutting plane to axes and coord. systems  
  • Cutting plane is saved into the views


  • PMI views: treat PMI views like std. 3DVS views


  • Multiple non tabbed windows alignment
  • Scaled background color
  • 9 languages support

Part properties:

  • Unit selection
  • Density
  • Volume
  • MassGravity center

06/24/2013 | Tag : 3d cad viewer DRM ERM Digital Rights Management AirZip

Digital Rights Management (DRM) + 3DViewStation + Image AX

A demo covering the subject Digital Rights Management (DRM, ERM). We show an integration of our Kisters 3DViewStation and Open Text (Spicer)  Content Viewer Toolkit (Image AX) with the DRM-tools of AirZip: securing of files (3D CAD, 2D CAD, office, PDF…), categories of permissions, options, watermarks, protection against screendumps… find more at https://viewer.kisters.de and http://www.airzip.com.

06/18/2013 | Tag : Fertigungsindustrie whitepaper 3d cad viewer manufacturing industry

Whitepaper: Visualization in the manufacturing industry

We published a whitepaper covering the topic “visualization in the manufacturing industry”. Here is the Link to the english version.